the value of a vision
Friday, October 22, 2010 by {darlene}

You will hear me talk a lot about “having a vision” for your space.

What in the world does that mean, and, why is it important?

Well, to have a vision for your space is another way of saying:
You have a plan. You know how you want your space to look, feel, and function. You know what you want your basics to be. You know the future “look” of your space.

And, this is so important, because:
having a vision can save you a lot of time, energy, and money: ultimately.

How is this so?
Well, once you have a plan for your space, if you stick to it, you will not be swayed by each new idea that tickles your fancy. You will focus on the basics and the stunning pieces. And then, in time, you can add all the fun changing accessories. And, if you have a vision, you can {here is the key, folks!} keep your eyes peeled for deals that fit within your vision!

Let me give you an example:

For your child’s dream bedroom, this photo represents your vision :

Let me add here, that, your vision does not need to be a photo of a complete room. It could be a collection of images and items that you would love for your space. It could be a photo you took at a Parade of Homes.  It could be a Design Board from an interior designer {hmmmm. I could help you with that!!}.
Once you have broken down what makes this room so great, you can begin to tackle recreating a similar feel in your own room. You don’t have to copy the room piece for piece, but use the vision to keep you focused.
The D.I.Y. version:
  • You might discover that you can purchase bunk-beds on Craigslist, and paint them a dreamy cream color.
  • You could definitely paint those stripes on the wall, if you have determination and a yardstick.
  • You will probably have to splurge on the chair slipcovers. Have a seamstress make them for you, or hunt down navy or black slipcovers, and buy the trim… and then head to a seamstress. {or, if you can make this yourself, you are very cool, and I need to hire you.}
  • You should keep your eyes peeled for lamps that you can paint. I bet you could get them for a song.
  • And the roman blinds are a must have. But with a steady glue gun, you can add the trim yourself.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a rug that you can add to your existing flooring; one that will give the feel of a darker, grounded rug.
The Shopper version:
  • Hit the major online decorating websites, and find yourself items that have a similar feel and look to them: a great bed, some lamps, a fantastic deep rug, and some wallpaper, etc.
  • Hire a seamstress to do the slipcovering and the roman shades.
Either way, you can see how deciding on a vision for your space, one that you love, can keep you focused, save your precious resources, and you will end up with a space that is something you love.

~see you Monday. {darlene}

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  • Hi Darlene…I love to decorate! I am going to follow you on your new blog here and I know I will be inspired by you!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
    (Lynnette's mom…I am so glad you gals got to meet at the conference!)

  • This is so true… I'm starting to get a vision for our bedroom. The bedroom is not on my goals list for this year ( but when next year – or money – strikes, I want to be ready!! And, like you said, if you have a vision, you'll know a deal when you see one. I want to be able to keep my eyes peeled for deals, even if I'm not doing a full makeover. Good rooms don't happen overnight anyway, right? :-)

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