ditto :: a galley kitchen that breathes big
Friday, November 19, 2010 by {darlene}

I found this pic in my decorating-inspiration files. Wish I knew where it was from, because I really, really admire the design.
There is so much that I love about this small space. Here is what I would copy from this fantastic kitchen:
ditto. {what I would steal from this space}
  1. The bold navy and natural stripe rug is what makes this space stunning. What really makes it a show-piece is that the stripes run the length of the room.
  2. oooh. And let’s not underestimate the wow-factor of the teapot echoing the boldness and color-scheme of the rug. This tiny accessory really adds to the room {I am just now realizing that my teapot probably ‘takes-away’ from my kitchen! hmmm.}.
  3. I love the look of slate countertops and sink-apron and backsplash {love that best!}. But, I wonder… is this imitation slate? Probably not. But never a bad idea from the practical side.
  4. The impact of a large, bold, apron sink. Worth the splurge. Here, I love that it is a focal point.
  5. Stunning wood floors. Shiny. Running in the opposite direction of the rug stripes; I love.
  6. Minimalism, yet warmth. Barely anything on the countertops. Aaaaah. Can you feel yourself breathe??
  7. Cream on cream on cream on cream. So creamy.
  8. Open, or glass-front, upper cabinets. In a small kitchen, this is vital.
  9. Drawer pulls and faucet echo with the slate coloring. They are also minimal, functional, but beautiful.
  10. Tall ceilings add square-footage to the brain. Take another breath.
  11. The gorgeous stove hood adds texture and interest. And, oh yes. Function.
  12. Windows in every last spot you can manage a window. So worth it. Even at the cost of storage {give something to Salvation Army. I bet you never used it anyway}.
  13. ok. call me crazy. But, I even love the Rosemary plant in classic terra-cotta and the lovely hand soap.
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  • I love this kitchen. I love white cabinets. You're right about the rug. This would look great in your house!

  • I also like the drawer pulls.

  • looking at this photo, I just realized I have a galley kitchen. but mine looks not a thing like this. I would LOVE to cook in this kitchen, or make coffee, or wash dishes or….

  • allenaim photography and design

    DITTO…breath is right…

    …I love the floors running opposite the rug…such a small detail, but I love it!

  • Courtney (Women Living Well)

    The clean counter space speaks volumes to me – I wish I had NO papers and just no "stuff" on my counters – they seem to attract stuff – like toasters, knives, bread box, newspaper etc…they seem like necessities but wow – look how nice it is to be able to SEE the counter :-)! I might just put that toaster away the next time I have guests over! Thx for the idea!

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