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Thursday, November 11, 2010 by {darlene}

All of these great family photos have got me thinking….

I love the look of large amounts of gathered photos, particularly in a small space like a hallway or stairwell. Some of my favorites….

I love the volume of photos and the unifying frame size. Impact! {Martha Stewart}

Bold frames varying with slender frames. The black horse seals the deal. Frame placement echos the stair stepping. Love that. {credit unknown}

Ancestry meets minimalism. Black and white family heritage photos with exacted white frames. Gallery-like. {credit unknown}

Rectangles and Ovals. Perfect together. {Martha Stewart}

I Adore this. Artistic Close-ups, color-blocks, and family photos… color AND black & white. All unified by crisp, joined frames. Brilliant. {Domino}

My personal fave. Classy but different. The horizonal space that unifies these bold, black frames does the trick. {Martha Stewart}

Now for one I didn’t really love…
I think this doesn’t work for a couple of reasons: These photos are, collectively, too small for this grandiose space. Throw in about 2 or 3 large photos or rich paintings, and take out some of the others small groupings. I also don’t like how the space below the pics is awkward, nor  does it echo the stepping up of the stairs like in the second photo above. {Domino}

Which one is your favorite??


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  • Courtney (Women Living Well)

    Wow! Some beautiful walls filled with pictures!!! My poor children are all jpegs! I need to get printing those digital photos!!! Thanks for the ideas!
    Have a great day!

  • I want to do a fun wall of photos someday, myself! I have 8 kiddos and really want to do some fun collages of them all at the same age – 6mo, 1yr, 2yrs… The only thing I won't do is put them up in the hallway. My husband and boys rough-house and wrestle way too much to put something w/glass on those walls! LOL!!

  • The Domino one…frames close together. Really like that and may do it. My cleaning lady (I just hired her!!! Yippee!!!) toured my house and said, "You need more pictures on them walls there." I tried to defend myself and tell her the room is still undergoing renovation, and she wisely stated, simply, "Well, that might last for years honey. May's well have somethin' nice to look at in the meantime!"

  • Oh, I loooooove the variety of frames all mixed up – ovals, rectangles and squares. I'm going to do that on my stairway someday. I think I'll do all white. Yummy. :)

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