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Monday, November 15, 2010 by {darlene}

Before we purchased Fieldstone Hill, the upstairs bathroom looked like this. Take notice of the ‘back’ window; the one behind the radiator.
{for additional before pictures, click here}

Within our first month at Fieldstone Hill, we made some immediate changes to this bathroom {you can see them here}.

When we embarked on our major renovation/restoration project a few years later, we made further changes. Unfortunately, we lost the back window due to an addition. We also had to add a bump-in into the bathroom; this made way for a door to the upstairs addition.

Nevertheless, I love both changes. We turned one half of the back window depth into a huge medicine and toiletries cabinet. And while we were adding the bump-in {which actually adds character to the bathroom}, we installed an antique transom window that adds much-needed natural light to our narrow hallway.

Our bathroom looked half-painted like this for nearly two years {we welcomed our second-born little guy}. But we made it our goal to finish the bathroom in 2010… and while we still have a few lights and accessories to purchase, we have finished all of the painting and construction work.

And here are the Afters:

We installed self-made Shaker Pegs, using inexpensive trim board and unfinished pegs. Love these. They add a crispness to the room; a bit like wrapping a bow around a box. Plus, they are quite handy to have around.

Here is a view of the window-turned-medicine-cabinet; finally painted:

This is a good shot of how the new bump-in adds interest and coziness. It wasn’t intended, but I think it gives our bathroom more character.

this antique transom now lets natural light into our hallway.
And the last part of our project: We refurbished an antique beveled-glass mirror, gave it some new hardware, and added even more storage to our only upstairs-bath.
Of course, a good room is never finished. But, there is enough “done-ness” to help this space  finally feel like an oasis.
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  • Love it! And love all the character. Oh how I love older homes. They just don't make houses like they used to! What a great idea to add that transom window where you did. It fits right in. Doesn't it feel good when a project comes to its close! Enjoy the new bathroom. It is just gorgeous.

  • Mom to 9 Blessings!

    I'm with Stacy! This turned out gorgeous Dar!

    You are so talented :-)

    Love you,

  • allenaim photography and design

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The shaker pegs are beyond adorable and the whole room is so SOOTHING….It is gorgeous!

  • Awesome makeover Darlene! I love it!


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