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Monday, November 29, 2010 by {darlene}
When we moved into Fieldstone Hill, there was an addition off to the right of the historic structure.
The addition was made out of faux log, had a sagging roof, and was – at one point in time – a garage. The addition had no heat or cooling, and was in need of serious work.
Before :: You can see the red, faux ‘log,’ addition to the right in the photo below:

The room was livable, but we knew that would not last for long. In fact, we have a funny story of when I was pregnant, Hubby and I were sitting on the couch in this addition. A strong wind blew across our home, and a huge chunk of ceiling tile flew out and landed on our laps! {pictured: the front of the ‘log’ addition}

When it came time for our renovation process, we met with several architects who specialized in historic renovation. We sighed knowingly at the fact that 3 of them, on separate occasions, referred to the addition as “unfortunate.”
{pictured: the rear side of the addition, with a steep deck staircase. The stairs and the sliding glass door that you see were used by previous owners as their main entrance!}

{pictured: the inside of the ‘log’ addition; previous owners. I took this picture when we first looked at buying Fieldstone Hill}

{pictured: the inside of the log addition; previous owners. The split door that you see here has now been restored to its original state, and has returned to its original function as the side door of the home.}

Our final decision with this room was a choice to demolish! We did not need the extra space, and it would have ended up costing us money for upkeep down the road.

After :: Here is what the right-hand side of Fieldstone Hill looks like today:
In the photo above, you can still see the tar where the ‘log’ addition once was. You can also see our new addition behind it. We have hopes of adding a side roof above the concrete slab, and having a lovely side-porch. {I will be sharing stories of our entire design and renovation process. Hopefully to share good ideas!!} 
The photo above shows our current side door. This is the original side door from approx. 180 years ago; restored.
Won’t you come inside?
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