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Monday, November 8, 2010 by {darlene}
When we bought Fieldstone Hill in 2005, it had 1 and a half baths.
I am not sure what kind of magic spell we were under when we were looking at the house, but we thought the bathrooms were fine.
we were wrong.
Cosmetically, the bathrooms were not pleasing, but everything seemed to function properly and would serve our needs. But, once we moved in, we quickly realized that this was not the case. Let’s just say that, my advice, if you are about to buy a home:
1. Inspect the toilets, unfortunately on your hands and knees, before they hand over the keys.
2. Get on your hands and knees and smell the shower for mold.
3. and, my $25,000 piece of advice: if your house has a tank, hire a separate Septic Inspector in addition to your home inspection.
Sadly, I have much more advice for home buyers.  But that will come in future posts. Back to fun ‘Before and After’ stuff!
So, true story. Our very first night in our home, the septic backed up and filled our basement. Also. true story. The day after the keys were handed over to us, {we were not living there yet}, I started inspecting the bathroom without rose-colored glasses. 
Unfortunately, when I stepped into the enclosed shower, I was smacked in the face with the most offensive smell of sickly mold.
And, unfortunately, I discovered that the toilets were pee-encrusted. Beyond repair. I honestly, to this day, don’t understand how I did not notice this on the walk-through.
I threw a pregnant-lady-fit.
It went something like this {be sure to add overly-dramatic tone and a high pitch} :: “I will NEVER take a shower in that thing!!!!!!!
We took immediate action to redo the bathroom.
Before you take a look at these pictures and say, “well, that’s not that bad….”
Be sure to add the smell.

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  • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

    Oh, that is awful, lol! I know when we were looking at our last house I had to go through it with a fine toothed comb three times before I decided I could handle it enough to want to make an offer. Then we had a bazillion inspections so I could keep making sure. My husband loved it at first sight but I was scared! It was awful in so many ways!!

    Can't wait to see your afters :-)

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