ditto :: a beautiful living room; perfect for good conversation
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 by {darlene}

This is a stunning living room. I love so much about it! {source unknown}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. I love the conversation areas! 2 wing-backs. 2 slipper chairs. A long, Hollywood sofa. Plus an ottoman that does double duty. All working together. All close enough for a good chat. All lined up like pretty maids all in a row. This sings to my inner need for symmetry.
  2. Back to the ottoman. Why not have an ottoman parked right next to your coffee table? You don’t have to pick between having one or the other.  This particular ottoman is a stunner: thick and wide and inviting. The perfect place to stash an extra photo album or an extra fanny.
  3. Regal white trunk/coffee table with gigantic chrome urn. Maybe the word practical does not come to mind…. but it is a lovely balance. Love how the urn echoes the urn lamps that flank the sofa.
  4. Cafe au lait. Mocha. Chocolate. Cream. Creme. Milky. Coco…… How can you go wrong with colors like that?
  5. That sofa. is. to. die. for. So glam. It beckons one to much reclining. Milky cream velvet… hmmm; hope there is a stain protector on that.
  6. Long, fantastic mirror that runs the height of the windows and was installed to match the window-frame tops.
  7. Minimal Pattern. Now, don’t get me wrong; I love pattern. But why not have a room that takes a break from it? The only pattern in this room is found on the floor {poor cow} and the subtle striping on the wing-back chairs. Yet…. there is plenty of:
  8. Plenty of Texture. Tufted velvet. Animal skin. Wide-beam wooden floors. Ceramic, chrome, and glass smoothness. Textured white storage trunk. Nubby Tweeds. 
a stunning space filled with many great ideas to borrow!
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  • This really IS a stunner of a room!!! Stain Protector on the sofa??! phfsshhh… the unknown owners of such a room do not produce any….stains (in my mind,anyway~LOL!) I don’t really care for the rug, is the only bothersome thing to me about this gorgeous room. I think it needs a giant rug, but a fancy persian would be too predictable, maybe a big old fluffy flokati? it would go with the no pattern thing they have going on….
    I am stalking your whole entire blog….again!!!
    I can’t get enough of your designs! I LOVE that you share your room design “mood boards” with us! those are my favorite! so, hanks!

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