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Monday, December 27, 2010 by {darlene}

I really love the balance of this space.
I keep coming back to this picture; it is so very pleasing to my eye.

Wouldn’t it be great in a small entryway, or in a corner of the dining room?

{vancouver wall covering}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. The smooth, geometric wall covering, with a touch of sheen and rich silver color. I love how it reflects the light and brightens the space.
  2. The millwork on the walls. How wonderful is the contrast between the modern shapes in the wall paper, against the crisp, traditional white woodwork?
  3. A fantastic dresser. I just love this beautiful, understated piece. And, oh, how I love the deep, moody wood of walnut.
  4. My favorite part? The rustic wooden finds that are used as art. A beautiful, thick, old wheel makes a stunning statement. And some kind of old-industrial machine wheel that has been repurposed and fitted with a mirror? that is my guess. 
  5. Speaking of which. What a fantastic idea… to find a flea market wooden find that has an opening. take it to your local glass cutter and have them fit it with a mirror. Guaranteed to have a show-stopper mirror for a fraction of the cost.
  6. The chrome and how it echos the wall covering. Crome-like dresser knobs. A gorgeous chrome lamp base. The letter “R” and a decorative ball. It works!
  7. Crisp white again. The crisp white lampshade and the urn-like vase, {just like the crisp, white millwork}, have powerful impact in contrast to the dark, aged wheels on the wall.
for one little corner of a room, so many great design concepts and ideas!
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