ditto :: a kitchen that makes me want to linger
Friday, December 31, 2010 by {darlene}

I love. love. love. this kitchen.
Don’t you just want to sit down here with a choice warm drink, and linger?

{design: Tommy Smythe}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. Carrera Marble subway tiles on the backsplash. With random swirls of gray contrasting with the rigid lines of a subway tile. I think I am in love.
  2. Dark herringbone slate on the floors with contrasting cream grout. Details to love. Plus, the floors remind me of a smart pair of wool pants.
  3. In this kitchen, closed cabinetry is not an evil stepmother. The gorgeous glass-front cabinets offer plenty of openness and display space, but there is great balance {not to mention practicality} in having plenty of places to stash and fully hide your non-pretty stuff. {or am I the only one with non-pretty stuff?}.
  4. The upper-cabinets above the cabinets. Looks very high-end. But it can be done with stock-cabinetry and a handy/handsome carpenter.
  5. ok. That gorgeous farm table it to die for. And, of course, it doubles as an island. If you put another shelved table beneath it {must be lovely}, and filled it with thickly-woven baskets… remove the chairs… you could have an island most of the time, and switch to a table when needed by bringing the chairs back into the equation.
  6. Actually, that particular light fixture is not my fave. Not bad; just not my fave. However! The fact that it is very large, contrasting and interesting in color, and also warm-light-giving is just right. 
  7. Splashes of commercial/industrial mixed in. The stainless countertops that morph into the industrial sink. The crisp and functional vent hood. The fantastic range. The hard-working faucet fixture. The nickel cabinet knobs and exterior-door knobs. The spoon canister. Even the toaster shines with function.
  8. Black on the bottom: grounded. White on the top: open and endless. Love the cabinet color combo.
  9. I love that the doors and windows are painted in a glossy black. It looks particularly fabulous on the glass doors, with the contrast of light streaming through. And it seems to be echoed in the painted-black chairs. And the cute pots near on the windowsill.
  10. Artichokes. in a large wooden bowl. Never had that many artichokes in my house at one time… but maybe I should.
I don’t know about you, but I am moving in.
May you and your family enjoy a safe and fun New Year’s! See you next year!

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