ditto :: the most enticing, little Nook ever
Tuesday, December 7, 2010 by {darlene}

Stop what you are doing and curl up with a book. or just your thoughts.

sigh. I am so jealous of this space.
Everyone thinks that Huge, Large, Big is all the rage.
ah. I beg to differ!

nothing says comfort. snuggle. safe. intimate. quiet: like a Nook.

{house beautiful}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. definitely the windows. to have a window in a Nook invites daydreaming, praying, and endless pondering. And how I LOVE the circular window. Like a porthole to another world.
  2. two places to sit. facing. Although you cannot see it in this picture, I am ever so hopeful that there is another seat, just across the way, with the same delightful cushion. Can you imagine having a date right here, in your own home? A cup of perfect coffee and two in their Nook.
  3. a small, airy table that blocks no light, but offers just the right spot for your notebook and cup.
  4. seats wide enough to pull up your knees and curl into a C. A detail that could be easily missed!
  5. hand hewn beams and antique pine floors. They never get old.
  6. a colorful and creative and fluffy cushion. Down, no doubt. This detail could be under-estimated, but a fine and brave fabric really does elevate your space to a new level of beautiful.
  7. details that ask you to stay a while: the soft blanket and the binoculars. Practical beauty.
  8. I am guessing that the curtain off to the left actually closes up to offer privacy from the outside. But I like that it offers privacy to the Nook as well. Why not?
  9. Fresh flowers. A creative space is not complete without a touch of true Creation.
the smaller the better. the smaller the cozier. the smaller, the more often used to curl up and dream.
Aren’t you ready to start planning your very own Nook?
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The Christmas tree skirts, mentioned in this post, will be posted tomorrow.
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  • allenaim photography and design

    oh i SO agree…love little spaces :)

    Have you ever read the "not so Big House" by Sarah Susuanka…it is one of my favs and totally supports nook envy!

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