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Monday, December 6, 2010 by {darlene}

 heirloom stockings

Many years ago, I inherited my grandmother’s fine table linens.

They sat and sat and sat in the linen closet. Too beautiful and fragile for me to risk using too often. Too difficult to maintain.
But I finally came up with the perfect way to make these treasured heirlooms a part of our family, and a way to free them from just sitting in the closet.

I had them made into our Christmas stockings, tree skirt, and ribbons.

Today, I want to share our pics of the heirloom Christmas stockings. If you have similarly neglected, but beloved heirloom table linens, I would definitely recommend upcycling them in this way.


I did not make these myself, because I am not much of a seamstress. But, this was not an expensive project. I had a huge discussion with the seamstress beforehand that went something like this:


“are you SURE you want me to cut up your grandmother’s linens?”
“are you SURE????”
“I am convinced that my grandmother would want me to enjoy these beauties, instead of leaving them in a box inside my closet!”


{a year later, my seamstress did the same thing to her grandmother’s linens. happy joy!}


The stocking itself is made from lined, sturdy, matching white linen. I did have to purchase the additional linen for this “foot” part of the stocking, but if I had wanted to, I could have used an old linen tablecloth.

 heirloom stockings

 Then atop each stocking is a different heirloom napkin:

 heirloom stockings

Now, these beauties are no longer hidden away!

We treasure these heirlooms afresh year after year after year. I smile at knowing my grandmother’s treasured beauties are not sitting in some linen closet in my home!

heirloom stockings

This is not the only way that we have repurposed these treasured linens.
Click here to see how I made a tree skirt and ribbons from the rest of my grandmother’s heirloom table linens.


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