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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 by {darlene}

Yesterday, I posted on our heirloom Christmas stockings, and how we reinvented my precious collection of table linens, inherited from my Grandmother.

Today, I want to share pictures of the tree skirt that we had fashioned from one of her delicate and beautiful tablecloths.

Here is how it was made:
1. First, I had a circular under-skirt made of heavy, ivory linen {wish I could tell you I sewed it myself. unfortunately, that is not my gift! But if you can sew, this project has practically no cost, save the fabric of the under-skirt}. This is the first thing that is placed under the tree. It is beautiful all by itself, in its simplicity.

2. Then, I had the heirloom tablecloth made into a tree skirt. The rectangular tablecloth was cut right down the center, and connected at the ends in order to make a long rectangular shape. Then it was given a top seam, similar to a rod pocket on a curtain. Long satin ribbon is inside that ‘rod pocket,’ and that is how the skirt is gathered to become a circle. We did it this way so that we could feature the beautiful crewel-work edging on the tablecloth, and so we would not have to cut this decorative edging on the tablecloth.

3. Ivory satin ribbons were added to the ends, and when the tree skirt loosley gathers under the tree, it is connected with these ribbons that match up.
My seamstress must have asked me 5 times: “Are you SURE you want me to cut it?” {once she was done with it, she was sold. She told me she will be making some things out of her own heirlooms. yay!}.
The whole process was very affordable, and it cost me less for the 2 skirts and 6 stockings than it would have for one modestly priced store-bought tree skirt.

Maybe you have an heirloom of your own that can be repurposed this Christmas?

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  • Susan (My Place to Yours)

    Darlene, I saw your comment on my guest post at goodbye house! HELLO HOME! so I stopped by to see your projects. Your tree skirt (and stockings and bows) turned out very nice and are a tangible way to enjoy your family linens. Personally, I would have had a really hard time deciding to "go for it," but the choice obviously works well for you. Way to go! So much better than hiding the beauty in a closet.

    I hope you'll stop by for a visit and see my family's linens, too.

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