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Monday, December 13, 2010 by {darlene}

Our family has a tradition for how we wrap our Christmas presents.

We use brown, thick kraft paper and jute twine to wrap all of our gifts:

I love this tradition, and we have used it again and again for several reasons:
  1. It is beautiful and simple.
  2. It is no-fuss and easy as can be. It reminds me of a simpler time; a time when they really did use brown paper for their packages…
  3. It works for nearly any kind of package. It is strong enough to use on items that have no box; or it is big enough to wrap around huge boxes.
  4. It is very, very inexpensive. You can order a huge roll of kraft paper and use it Christmas after Christmas. The same goes for the jute twine.
  5. You cannot help but sing “My Favorite Things,” every time you wrap your gifts.

Add a beautiful gift tag, and you are set.
This year, I am using these amazing tags. Thanks Emily. Gorgeous and free.

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