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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 by {darlene}

Favorite Colors

Yesterday, I introduced a decorating concept that I like to call “punch colors.”
You can read about the concept of punch colors here.

Today, let’s figure out how to pick a list of favorite colors /punch colors you can refer to when trying to make interior decor decisions.

First, can you list your favorite colors??
If not, may I humbly recommend that you grab a box of 64 or more crayons {there are 120 of them, people. check the official colors out here or go here for the computer friendly color codes.}, and get in touch with your inner-self a bit. Trust yourself, and pick.

I’ve long since picked, and, my favorite colors are: Orange, Brown, Aqua to turquoise, Fuchsia, Ochre, and Olive to Yellow-Green. {I also love the colors of natural fibers and creams – raw sisal, raw cotton, mochas, raw creams, etc.; but I don’t consider these colors for punch colors}

Part of identifying your favorite colors is that it helps you to create a vision for yourself and your space. It helps you to know what you love. And knowing what you love can only make your home a further reflection of what you love.



So. What are your favorite colors/ punch colors??  Some tips for identifying your favorite high-impact colors for your life and for your home:

  1. Snoop in your closet. And don’t forget your accessories. Are there a few colors that you always tend to love. Or do you just buy the colors that “Color me Beautiful” told you to buy?? Well. Ignore those. And see if there are any color schemes that bubble to the surface simply because you like them.
  2. Pick up a fabulous home interiors magazine. Which spaces are you drawn to. Do they have a color scheme in common? An accent color that keeps popping up? Check magazines from all different seasons to be sure that you are covering the gamut.
  3. If you find yourself always drawn to muted or neutral tones, hunt further to find your favorite punch colors. Find those home interior photos you love, and now look more carefully. Do you see any impact punch colors showing up? Perhaps a huge bouquet of red flowers that catches your eye? A pained kelly green table?
  4. Don’t be too afraid if you fear that the colors are too trendy or seasonal. Punch colors are not for use on big ticket, or big time-investment items. This is no place for fear. Not if you want your space to look great.

So pick your favorite colors. Make a list. Pick as many as you want; your list can’t be too long. You need something to play with, after all.

And come back tomorrow, for more on using high-impact punch colors in your space.


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