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Thursday, January 27, 2011 by {darlene}
This week, we have been taking a look at fun, accessible ways to add color impact to your home, using the concept that I call “punch colors.”

First, we learned what punch colors are. Then, we made our own list of our favorite punch colors. And yesterday, we took a look at some beautifully decorated spaces that had their own punch colors.
Today, I want to share with you the ways that I think punch colors could be used effectively.

At Fieldstone Hill, like at many of your homes, we do not have the funds to decorate our home on a whim, or the inclination for that matter, to change out a color scheme once every two years.  So, when we invest in large ticket items, I need to invest in large pieces that are mostly neutral or adaptable. For me, this means a brown velvet sofa; Built-ins that are painted in French Ivory. or Black; Slipcovers that are mocha; Lots of wood, fieldstone, and brown salvaged marble; and the special-order-custom-size-for-each-window blinds that are winter white.

 {this and above: Fieldstone Hill}
However, this does not mean that my home needs to be devoid of color. I love color. I definitely have some favorite colors; they are not shy colors. And, I seek to add more color to my home.

Even so, I am not willing to make a costly investment in colorful high-ticket items. So, I play with the accessories of life. And this is how I recommend that you approach color as well.

Play with the easily adaptable:
Window fabrics. Pillows. Lamp bases. Lamp shades. Paintings. Picture frames. Books. Vases. Art. Art and more Art. Small slipcovers. Floral arrangements. Pottery. Fruit. Painted second-hand furniture. Anything easily painted.

These are the places where I use, and still have future-plans of using, color. Lots of glorious color. My favorites.

If you click back to this post, you will see that the examples of punch color used in these rooms in ways that are easily adaptable. Not expensive. Just fun. And beautiful.

Currently, I am in the {slow} process of adding more punch to our Master Bedroom… one of the few rooms in our home that has all of the walls painted and finished!  Tomorrow, I will show you an example of my own process for picking a punch color for our Master, and how I hope to use it.

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