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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 by {darlene}

This week, I have been musing on the design concept of using, what I call, a “punch color.” And also, how to pick the punch colors that you love.

For those of you who are still not sure what a punch color is after reading these posts: {“the punch color, part one“; and “how to pick your punch colors“}, I thought a little photographic lesson would be helpful. Oh, and fun!

Looking at the following photos, we can identify the punch color or punch colors used in the space, and start to get an idea of why using punch colors is a more accessible and affordable way to use color:

punch color :: yellow:
used in the artwork, a vase, the main color of the bedding, throw pillows, a small upholstered piece, and strategically placed books.
secondary punch color :: orange:
used on the headboard, in the bedding, and in the books.

punch color :: pink:
used in the artwork, throw pillows, a painted side table, and a vase.
secondary punch color :: Yellow-green:
used in the flowers, the vase, and the pillow.

punch color :: blue:
used subtly in the curtains, the teapot, the flowers, the dish towel, the dishes and a few items visible in the glass-door cabinets.

punch color :: citrus:
used in the interior paint of the glass-door cabinets, the displayed fruit, the rug, the hand soap, and the plants.

punch color :: red:
used in just a few places in this outdoor space, it still makes an impact: in the pillows, the painted lanterns, and even the fruit and the wine.

this photograph is an example of a beautiful use of color, however, it is not an example of a punch color. Because the color is used in the high-ticket wall tiling, this is not what I would refer to as a punch color. It is not easily changeable. 
Now, that does not mean that you should ONLY use punch colors in your home, and avoid investing in color. But, if you are going to tile your whole bathroom blue, I recommend asking yourself: “Have I loved blue for many years? Will I still love it in many years?”

{all photos: House Beautiful; except top photo: Elle Decor}
Ready to start using punch colors in your home? Tomorrow’s post will offer more guidance on places you can incorporate your favorite punch colors. See you there!
- {darlene}

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  • My favorite way to decorate – white with a punch of color!

  • Love a punch of color! It's just hard to decide on what color to use! Love these photo examples – all very inspiring!

  • I love the PINK! Big surprise. It would never work around here with 5 guys. I need to get my own room.

  • You have such a great way of demystifying design for your readers. You are an excellent teacher! Rooms I design with with punch colors are always the rooms that are my favorites!

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