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Monday, January 24, 2011 by {darlene}

Do you love color?
Could you use more of it in your home?
Do you have the guts to incorporate color into your home?
Or how about this one: do you have the money to incorporate color into your home?

{house beautiful}

Because let’s face it. Using gutsy colors in your home can be a cost risk.
{for example: “What if I don’t want an orange color scheme in my home anymore? What in the world should I do with my orange velvet sofa that cost me $2,000.00?”       ...get the picture??}
But with a bit of risk there can be great reward.
And great design means using beautiful colors.

My advice for this dilemma?
Be both practical and beautiful:  Use what I call at least “punch color” in each room.

A punch color is one color that you select based on 

  1. its color impact/presence
  2. its connection to something within the current space
  3. and it being a color that you have liked {preferably loved} for more than 6 months, but were possibly afraid to use.
Then, you use it in your room on less expensive, easily changeable, and/or high impact locations.
A punch color is more than an accent color, mainly because it has guts. impact. presence. or, one could say… it has punch!
{house beautiful}
{fresh home}
This week, I will be sharing more about punch colors, and great ways you can use them in your space. So be sure to come back for the rest of the story.
Do you have a method to your color madness? Do you long to add more color to your home?
- {darlene}
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  • awesome ideas and beautiful photos to give us all inspiration! i'll be book marking this for later!

    love and blessings,

  • allenaim photography and design

    I use the oops paint cans as inspiration for my punches of color :) I am usually too scared to purchase the color outright, but if there is something fabulous in the oops cart for $1, I'll buy it, paint up a bunch of stuff and if I hate it, I've only lost a few bucks. If I love it, I've transformed the room for a few bucks. win-win :)

    love the blog girlfriend!!! can't wait to see you picked up by hgtv :) :) :)

  • LOVE the pics you chose!!! I definitely like to use punches of color in my house but I don't have the money to buy the big items in faddish colors. I choose classic pieces and dress them up with the current color punch or whatever color I might be into at the moment. That way I have the best of both worlds!!

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