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Friday, January 7, 2011 by {darlene}

I am excited to share my Vision Design Board for our boys’ room:

This design board will provide me with the vision that I need to get a beautiful design on a low budget.

Here is how:
By creating a vision for my space, I can begin to prioritize and get creative with my purchases and projects..

1. First of all, I can determine which items in the room I can’t live without and/or “make” the room. For this particular room, I have decided that the orange medallion duvets (5.), the whale pillows (6.), and the planet mobile (13.) are those items. If I wanted to spend a lot more time, and still spend money, I could possibly recreate some of these items, and/or have them made. But after consideration of time and cost, my recommendation would be to purchase these items. They offer big design impact for a reasonable price.

2. Secondly, now that I know what I want, I can begin looking for copycat items that give me the same look for less money. The sheets (3.), The coverlet (4.), The blinds (12.), The wall map (10.), and possibly even the rug (1.) and pillows (2., 14.), are of a basic enough design that I can take my time on a web search that could turn up many comparable products. I assist my clients in how to approach these searches.

3. I can begin planning for DIY projects that will save me significant money, and still give me a designer look. For example, for this particular room, I am scouring Craigslist to find matching twin beds that I can paint in a deep navy. In addition, I have a DIY project for making the pelmet box window treatments. And since pillows are super easy to make or have made, I will keep my eyes open for remnant fabrics that give me a similar look.

For my clients, I provide Vision Design Boards, similar to this one. In addition, I provide written guidance, DIY projects, a resource guide with all the details you need for purchases, and further detailed, written, design guidance and tips. All sent to your computer! Now how fun is that? You can get shopping, and changing the look of your space, right away.
For more information on my Online Design Services, click here.
The resources for this project {all of my resources can be purchased online or from a major retailer}:
  1. Rug, Dash and Albert
  2. Chevron Pillow, Etsy
  3. Dot sheets, Pottery Barn Teen
  4. Coverlet, Serena and Lily
  5. Duvet, West Elm
  6. Ivano the Whale, Contemori, Etsy
  7. Navy Beds, Land of Nod (plus an optional DIY)
  8. Lack Table, Ikea (plus an optional DIY)
  9. Green lamp, Target
  10. Wall map, Amazon (plus a DIY for the frame)
  11. Window Treatments, (a DIY project)
  12. Wood blinds, Lowe’s
  13. Planet mobile, originally Pottery Barn Kids, now limited availability on ebay
  14. Orange dot pillow, Etsy
  15. Optional Painted floor, (a DIY project)
  16. Not pictured in the Design Board is a square table and chair set that I will use in the opposite corner of the room. I plan on finding a small kitchen table and 4 chairs on Craigslist.
It may interest you to know that my budget for this room is very low! I plan to complete the entire project {minus new mattresses and the blinds}, for under $600, spread out over a few months of shopping. In other words, that translates to less than $47/item.
I would absolutely love, and would be encouraged by, your feedback and comments!
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  • I love the map! And the orange! I have decided to go nautical with the one and woodsy with my other so I am currently gathering ideas in hopes to paint and finish in the spring.

  • Love it! As a matter of fact it feels very similiar to my sons current room–he has the map, the same bed and the planet mobile!! Although, I am feeling that it is high time to update considering he becomes a teenager this year {yikes!}! Can't wait to see your finished room!

  • LOVE this room!! (Thanks for stopping by my blog today – the orange duvet would have been adorable, but I love the fabrics you've chosen!!)

    Hey – question – how do you make your design boards?!?! I really want to make some – do you use paint or photoshop or what?

    E (

  • Mom to 9 Blessings!

    Darlene -congrats on achieving this! You did a great job!!!!

    Many blessings on this venture!

  • You are so awesome! This is gorgeous! Rock on, lady. Praying you up!

  • Have perused your whole blog on this chilly afternoon, and I love its warmth!

  • Oh my goodness! I found this on Pinterest and I couldn’t stop smiling. This, with a few variations, is my son’s room. His furniture is all light wood and we don’t have the navy/white patterned stuff, but other than that this is the inspiration board for his room – that I saw, after I decorated his room :) HA! Great minds think alike.

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