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Thursday, January 13, 2011 by {darlene}

Does anything say fresh, open, organized and peaceful more than this fabulous dining space? I really adore this dining room.
I need more fresh and peaceful in my day. How about you?
Let’s say we break down what makes this room so great:

{Martha Stewart}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. Let’s start with the hearty and rustic farm table. Painted black with some distressed exposed areas. The fantastic news about grounding your room with a show piece like this table, is that it is accessible to you as long as you are willing to paint. I would start scouring Craigslist for a table you love, then sand, give it a few coats of black opaque stain, and sand away to expose the edges underneath.
  2. I love the drabware olive-gray walls. Set off by crisp white ceiling and moulding. Simply fantastic.
  3. The window treatments hang long, crisp, well-ironed, and have a great drape. No polyester here folks; more likely a high quality cotton or linen. The color of the curtains are about two or three ticks lighter than the walls.
  4. The curtains are hung well above the {thick and gorgeous} window frame molding, and drape all the way down to graze the floor. This gives the room height, and majesty appropriate for a dining room.
  5. And don’t miss that they painted the window hardware in a drab gray that matches the curtains. fabulous detail. I am stealing that!
  6. I want to steal the rug. Really I do. It is super classy with its subtle striping and herringbone feel. But, while we are on the subject, do any of you have a rug under the table that your family uses daily? Does it survive, or is it just gross-ness? Anyway… this wheat tone rug looks gorgeous with the black stained table. And what else makes it rock the room is the contrast it creates with the dark floors. Contrast is power in design.
  7. The chandelier. I am in love. Did I mention that I love orange? But, beyond my obsession for orange, the olive-gray-putty color vs. the cheerful orange {possibly wood?} beads of the chandelier. This is a color combination that is both stunning and peaceful, with a twist.
  8. An antique dresser for the buffet. Love this. Pieces like this always add untold amount of character. And don’t miss that the wood is orange. Excellent decorating choice.
  9. The black frames on the prints. They work so well with the table. Both have strong lines and strong black-color presence. The repetition is also what makes it work so well.
  10. Don’t underestimate the impact of the draping, fresh flowers that echo the “punch” color in the room {that would be orange, in this case}. They make this room amazing. It would be worth planting some in your own garden, so you can harvest readily.  If any of you are flower experts, I would love to know what these pretties are.
I will be using this room for inspiration in my own home. No doubt about it. How about you?
- {darlene}
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