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Wednesday, January 19, 2011 by {darlene}

washing dishes.
unloading dishes.
rinsing hands.
washing dishes again.

The sink can certainly be a place where the word “chore” abounds. But, could some simple changes toward beauty, organization, and the joy of the senses… could they turn our chores into a ritual?

Sometimes it is not the having of the “perfect sink,” but what touches of beauty you surround your sink with.
Be inspired by details at the sink:

bowls of bright fruit, a juicer, a simple shade, a thriving plant, a wall-mounted soap holder with a hefty chunk of soap, beautiful pitchers nearby, and an open window. All of these touches start the day off with cheer. {Martha Stewart}

it is often what is under our sink that enables us to keep the top of our sink free from clutter.  here, pull-out storage beneath the sink keeps the daily utilitarian items out of site, but not out of mind. notice the tall neck on the faucet; this is a great choice for making daily “chores” easier –  like washing a huge pot. Don’t miss that the dish soap is kept handy by the sink, but has been transferred into a gorgeous dispensing bottle. everyday beauty. {Martha Stewart}

even though this sink does not sit directly beneath a window, it is still bathed in ample light. What a cheerful space this is; the yellow and the blue touches are lighthearted. And notice the soap and hand cream that are kept close by. My best guess would be that they are filled with a delightfully fragranced product; in other words, not Dial. It may seem silly, but these touches of luxury – {which can be purchased on sale or discount; I always get mine from T. J. Maxx} – can immediately elevate the mundane chore into a delightful ritual. {Decor Pad}

And who needs a window? Many of us don’t have the luxury of a sink with a view. But this sink is made bright and sunny with beautiful jars of fruit, plenty of under-counter lighting, and clear containers filled with spices and grains. And just a few open-shelf cabinets add airiness. {Artistic Designs For Living}

Fresh flowers and plants do wonders to keep a space feeling alive. When was the last time you had fresh flowers by your sink?
And a trough of fresh grass right behind the faucet. I LOVE that idea.
a lovely, pure cotton dishtowel is useful, yet pretty.
and those glass subway tiles are just amazing. le sigh. {House Beautiful}

It is the little things. Details like a beautiful soap dispenser, a working and stately faucet, lovely fragrances, and fresh plants kept nearby. All of these details can surround us with beauty and ease as we go about doing our household rituals.
- {darlene}

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