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Thursday, January 20, 2011 by {darlene}

house cleaning. sigh.
now that is a chore.

why not make it simpler and {is this too much of a stretch?} inspiring, by cleaning out your broom closet,
or making a broom closet for that matter.

here are some broom closets that inspire me:

Doesn’t this make you want to have an organized and bright broom closet? Nothing fancy, just a designated space for everything. Oh, and color. {Real Simple}

Classic and minimalist Martha. This closet also has beautiful colors, and everything in its place.  I love the idea of keeping tools handy too. {Martha Stewart}

I love this. Why not fit a broom closet {or broom cabinet} wherever you can find a sliver of space. One does not need much room to hang brooms. {Home Depot}

The point is, have a designated space where you keep your cleaning products. Buy those silly mop-and-broom-hanging-thingies. Get rid of the stuff you don’t use. Then, use your brooms to clean out your broom closet. And if you are truly inspired, paint it to look pretty.

The chore of ‘cleaning house’ would feel much more like a ritual if you opened up your broom closet and faced all the tools you need… and it never hurts to face a cheery and yellow painted closet.

Do you have a broom closet? Do you want one?
– {darlene}

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  • I love this! I came over here from Pure Style Home to check you out, and here you are with an inspirational broom closet post of all things! My broom closet/pantry is a shambles right now, and I really needed this bit of inspiration to do something about it, so THANK YOU! I'm thinking this may be a great weekend activity for me. I'll even post befores/afters on my blog!

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