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Friday, January 21, 2011 by {darlene}

Spurred on by Traci at Beneath my Heart, and her inspiration to organize for the new year, and by my own desire to elevate my own household chores into rituals, I decided to tackle my own kitchen sink. My goal was to bring beauty and organization to this simple space through a few thoughtful touches.

This week, I did a series on ways we can transform our daily chores into rituals through beauty and organization. Hate doing laundry? Dread doing your makeup? Housekeeping? Dishwashing? You can read these posts by clicking here.

Now, on to my sink. I don’t share much about my kitchen because, well, it is in “waiting.” It is waiting for painted cabinets. It is waiting for a new countertop. And, true dreams be told, it is waiting for a 2 1/2 thick stone wall to be demolished. I know.

But in the meantime, I have not focused on beautifying this space. Rather, just keeping it clean {did I mention I have 2 young boys?} has been my only focus.
On that note, I give you my “Before” picture:

The first thing that had to be done, of course, was get to my blank canvas {translation: clean up your sink, darlene.}:

And after several thoughtful touches, inspired by this post here, I give you my “Afters:”

 My focus was to brighten this dark space, to bring life through plants and fruit, and to add the joy of beautiful fragrance.

My additions were:
1.  A favorite silver platter at the backsplash
2.  A fragrant juniper coaster
3.  Colorful and fragrant soaps and lotions, in classic containers.
4.  A rosemary plant in a painted terracotta pot
5.  Three large ball jars
6.  A bright bowl of citrus fruits
7.  A picnic-inspired cotton towel. {this makes it look like I meant for my windowsills to be red, which I did not.}

For details on why I chose these special touches to brighten up my sink area, check out my post, “rituals :: the kitchen sink.

Thanks for stopping by my new dream, Fieldstone Hill Design. I would love to know that you visited! I hope you will follow along and enjoy my home.
- {darlene}

For more “beautiful ritual” posts, click here.
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  • It amazes me how little changes can make such a big difference. Your sink looks clean, fresh and pretty. Also – I would love to feature your blog in an upcoming post. Let me know what you think!

  • it looks soooo beautiful! i might not even mind doing dishes if my sink looked like this!

  • Hi! I am from Beneath my Hearth link party.
    I really like how you have that ledge for your plant–is that rosemary? I would love to be able to have that in the kitchen.

  • It is so true that we need to take care of…and use what we already have…while we are waiting to get what we really want! (:>)

    Good post!

  • Traci@ Beneath My Heart

    Your sink transformation is adorable. I love it.
    So simple, but a big difference!
    I am going to tweet about this post.
    Great job, girl!
    Love you!

  • Emily {Frilly Details}

    What a difference! Love all the cute items you added.

  • looks fantastic!

  • It looks perfect and precious. Love organization posts. :)

  • Dixie Sargent Redmond

    That's very interesting. I have a very similar sink minus the great faucet. And I have black laminate countertop with wood edging which I painted black. I hate hate hate the black laminate but no $$ for new countertops because I want to replace some of the cabinets at the time that we replace countertops and I need to save up.

    After I painted the edging black I realized how lucky I was to have black laminate and not 20 year old orange countertops. :-) My kitchen can be seen at wwww.ourhouseinpictures.blogspot.com. It is purely a to-do list blog for me and not a business.

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