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Monday, January 17, 2011 by {darlene}

I love this time of year. Organizing time. When magazines and blogs and stores turn their focus toward the art of organizing.

It may not seem like an art, with plastic bins, and bags, and boxes, and sorting, and filing. But the art can be found in how simple tasks can improve the peace in your life. How an hour spent improving your closet or garage or clearing out the old, well, it can actually add time and joy to your day.

Organizing can, ultimately, take the burden out of a chore.
For example, do you hate to do laundry? How would you feel about doing laundry if you made the effort to organize your space in a way that added ease and beauty to your chore? What if your laundry space was a beautiful space? Would that alter your motivation?

Sometimes, the effort to brightly wallpaper the back of your laundry closet, add large, matching ball jars filled with detergent, and installing a brighter light above your work space, can elevate your chore into a relaxing ritual.

Join me this week, as I will be posting on ways that you can transform a variety of chores into rituals by adding beauty and organization to your home.

To get us started, enjoy the inspiration offered by these beautiful laundry spaces! I am wondering….Do you want to do laundry yet?

a farmhouse sink. butcher block counters. gorgeous draping fabric instead of cabinets. an antique washboard. a few sprigs of lavender, and a window for daydreaming. I am home. {cabbage and roses}

is your laundry room part of your basement? why not brighten it up with a cheery and soft robin’s egg blue, and install plenty of lighting. Here, simple elfa shelving adds enough order to transform the utilitarian into the beautiful. {elfa}

love this laundry room. and she is a great blogger too! I just love the bead-board work in this laundry space. and the small shelf just above the sink. visit Rie at {home and harmony}

ah. martha. you are one classy lady. with washer and dryer hidden away by gorgeous gray-green doors, this room feels like an oasis. Gorgeous collectibles may very well hide a stain-stick or two. Canisters with wooden spoons and an amazing stone bowl hold the necessities for cleaning clothes. And, the amazing shaker laundry basket elevates the room to a new level of clean and crisp beauty. I love this space. {martha stewart}

clothespins in an antique basket. a tile backsplash to die for. and I love the idea of installing a swinging arm towel holder to hang a curtain – I am guessing it covers some shelves below the sink. And who says you can’t have silver in the laundry room? and right on the sink? How classy is that? {apartment therapy}

this photo, and the one below, are from my laundry room here at Fieldstone Hill. While rather a work in progress, I must admit that I find it delightful to see bare fieldstone, soft blue-green baskets, slate mosaic tile, and a bright window as I do my chores. It is a wonderful start toward elevating my chore into a ritual.

I look forward to seeing you here at Fieldstone Hill as I explore ways in which we can elevate our chores into the beautiful rituals of life.
And thank you to those of you stopping by from {my friend Traci} and {Thrifty Decor Chick}
I would love to know that you stopped by my home. - {darlene}

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Thanks to everyone for all of your support as I launch Fieldstone Hill Design!
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  • Wow. You are speaking a foreign language to me. I do not love organizing. It's very difficult for me to organize. I can visualize what a better space would look like.

  • thanks so much for including our laundry room in your inspiration photos!! i have to say I really enjoy doing laundry in there now. it's worth the effort to do something fun with the space!

  • Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

    The inspiration photos are lovely, but your room, with the gorgeous stone and tile floor is right at the top! Such a beautiful space. I've been going back through your posts, and I am now becoming a follower. I hope you get a chance to stop by as well.

  • Suzanne@Meridian Road

    I am in love with your field stone wall! It adds so much character. You have a lovely laundry room~every bit as nice as the others you've shown.

  • i like your idea of turning chores into relaxing rituals. i think there is great comfort that can be found in organization – knowing where something goes, where to find something, what to do at a particular time… i can't wait for more posts on this!

  • Consider doing these things as a time to relax. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

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  • What can I say? Your home looks very Beautiful and elegant. I love the idea of getting it cleaned every time that will definitely give you a relaxing feeling.
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