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Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by {darlene}
Try as I might to stay focused on my design goals for 2011, I think it is important to stay flexible.
translation: {I found some beautiful lamps for a great price that I knew would be perfect in our Master bedroom, and despite the fact that I have to fully decorate and furnish a room for two boys, and a schoolroom before the end of 2011, I can somehow justify purchasing these lamps.}
Now, I am playing around with the notion of adding a punch color to our Master Bedroom.
Our colors in the Master Bedroom are a soft blue-green slate color on the walls, deep chocolate tones, and a strong orange Scarlet featured on the bedding. I have plans of adding drapes in a shade similar to the walls, with a touch more slate.
Just look at these beauties.  I think they can handle a punch color, don’t you?

My inspiration for a potential punch color comes from this painting that hangs above my lingerie chest in our Master. See that turquoise steeple off to the right?

So, I started playing around with this color in an attempt to see if I would love the look. I dug through my drawers and pulled out all sorts of clothing in aqua to turquoise shades {I told you that it was one of my favorites!}, and I proceeded to drape all of these clothes over my lamps.
……And the verdict?
Actually, I have decided against the turquoise – while I do think the lamps could rock it.
Next set of clothes to pull out: Logan/Army Fatigue Green, {inspiration pulled out of the pillow on my bed. influenced by by new infatuation with this amazing designer}
So, have you ever draped your clothes over your furniture to help you pick colors?? I highly recommend it!
- {darlene}

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  • Tammy@Beatrice Banks

    Yes, a thousand times yes! lol I didn't know anyone else did that. My family looks at me so strange when I get an article of clothing out and put it up on a wall or something. They don't quite get it. When reading this post, I was thinking the turquoise was going to be fab but then after I saw the "shirt lamp" I agree, not. Too much blue with the walls. I think you might be on to something with the green. Even chartreuse might look nice. You're good with color so you'll know it when it's right. Can't wait to see!

  • Love the burnt orange..of course I am partial as it's my bedroom punch of color (drapes and sheets). Now I am thinking about painting a(nother) color/design on the ceiling since it needs to be repainted anyway. I was thinking green though.

  • I like your orange color against the gray walls. Very cute. No, I have never put clothes on my lamps before, but it is a great idea.

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