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Tuesday, February 22, 2011 by {darlene}

We continue to make progress on our boys’ room… and I am starting to see the pieces fall into place! Click here to see the Design Board that shows the general plans for the room, and my original post with my plans.

All designers/people are free to change their minds, right??
And, of course, all good plans are flexible.  Since I have a Vision Design Board that lays out a main vision and color scheme for this room, I have been able to make choices that stay within a framework of my vision. Even when I make changes.
For example…

I found this lamp on sale at Target. Cuter and cheaper than my original choice. I am keeping my eyes open for some beautiful, wide, grosgrain ribbon to add to the lamp shade.

Or how about a change to the window covering plan? I love love love the look of drapes, so when I found these {in brown gingham} at Pottery Barn Outlet, with the prices slashed and the black-out lining built-in,  I knew I had found a new plan for the window treatments. They even sell sheets to match…. hmmmm.

And on Sunday, we scored two matching maple twin beds on Craigslist. I am so happy about this… since I have been looking since last summer to find a pair. I love the lines of these gorgeous beds, and I think they will look so classic and handsome for my guys. Don’t you??
My original plan was to paint some Craigslist-found beds in Navy… but the finish on the beds is so antique and beautiful that I don’t have the heart to mess with their beauty. Of course – I am free to change my mind. {wink}

But most things have not changed! We purchased the beautiful duvet covers from West Elm. Just in the nick of time; I believe they are sold-out now.

Original to the plan, we purchased these precious plush whales from Contemori, an Italian shop via

And, I am moving right along with my wall-map project, which will be front and center in their room.

I am sure I will have a few more change-of-plans up my sleeve as the project develops. But, I love that once I nail down a general vision for my projectthen, the fun can begin!

The gist? Having a great design vision is essential to shaping your space. Having flexibility and thinking outside of the box is vital to saving funds, finding beautiful finds, and picking better options.

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  • The maple beds are a great find. A grew up with a similar pair of twin beds and used them in my home for years. In the end I painted mine white but I agree with waiting to see how the room comes together before making any painting decisions.

  • Very nice Darlene. The big map is cool and I adore the whale. Precious!

  • Pretty Inspirational

    I'm glad I discovered your blog. It's beautiful! The lamp from Target is a great find along with the whale pillows! I look forward to seeing the finished result!

  • looking good! I love those beds–you're right it's hard to find a pair!

  • Stacy@hiswaynotmine

    Love that you are flexible with your design. When you find great deals that you can work in….makes the end result even better, in my opinion! :)

    Love Craigs list. What a find with the beds. Way to go. Can't wait to see the end result.

    Have missed you here in blogland, but glad that you are focusing your time right where God would have you. :)

  • You do such nice work. I've had my eye on that green lamp … nowhere to put it, but I love the shape. Can't wait to see your finished room!

  • I think being flexible and changing your mind is the key to creating the perfect space. I've NEVER had a room end up the exact way I had originally envisioned it, but I usually think it ends up better!! :-)

  • I love the Lamp shades and the whale is really cool. Can you get them in the UK do you know?

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