ditto :: a dark and classy bedroom
Thursday, February 10, 2011 by {darlene}

This beautiful bedroom designed by Tommy Smythe is gutsy and rich. Even if you wouldn’t dare paint your walls this deeply {and why not??}, there is much to steal from this stunning space.

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. deep, saturated walls. noir. coffeebean. deep plum. how about rich olive green? In any case, do you dare paint a room in your home with such depth? one thing is for certain. the effect would be rich.
  2. I love how the rich walls are counter-balanced by playful brights in classy patterns. Yellow herringbone and red and white chevron provide just the right amount of contrast.
  3. a strong stunning lamp with a dark shade. What a powerful element of design the lamp is in this space. Had I seen it in, I would have dismissed it as a choice: too large for a bedside table. But, no. It is a stunning element in the room, and its regal presence fits right into this space.
  4. crisp, white sheets peeking out. Never underestimate the joy of crisp, white sheets. dreamy to look at and to sleep with.
  5. brass. the lamp and the beautiful waste basket {is that an oxymoron?} mixed with a wonderful collection silver candlesticks. Would I have done that? I don’t know. but I would steal it, now, for sure.
  6. painted light switch-plate. While I have not gotten to all the switch-plates in my home, it is definitely in the plan. I love when the practical mundane fades into the background. This is a common ‘given’ for interior designers.
  7. I adore how the beautiful bedside table {which is not a bedside table at all; more of a desk. love that too!} is layered with the upholstered piano bench. and I love how the piano bench is bedecked with favorite night time reads.
  8. stacked pillows at attention. They look crisp. in order {I heart order}.  And they make my symmetrically-obsessed-self very happy.
  9. Fresh flowers. Have you noticed that nearly every design picture has them? They are hard to come by this time of year, but this reminds me that I must go find something lovely and alive from my yard and bring it inside. pronto. Even if it is 10 degrees.
So, would you dare go this dark? Even in one room?
Do tell.
- {darlene}

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  • I adore Tommy and his style. I believe this bedroom is actually a bachelor suite that he redid. It sure looks similar to it anyhow. It's beautiful.

  • Guess what?! I'm in the middle of painting my bedroom a dark gray. It's called Dark Ash from Behr. I'm finishing it up on Saturday. Yippee!!!

  • A darker bedroom is better for sleeping and this dark plum is perfect. This is definitely giving me ideas for repainting my own room which is currently too dark.

  • I am wanting to paint my new office a dark peacock blue…. imagine how gorgeous all those narcissus that are sure to bloom would look against that? In an ironstone vase, on a black table…. why does work get in the way of my plans? Instead of designing sets I want to be redo-ing my office!! Someday..

  • Very beautiful!!!!

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