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Friday, February 18, 2011 by {darlene}

Since I have been using this picture all week, dreaming up visions for identifying our personal styles, it is high time I shared a ditto post on one of the dreamiest dining rooms I have ever seen:

{design by phoebe howard}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. I. love. that. wallpaper. oh my. I ADORE it. I am digging around to try and find the source, but, if you happen to know the source… please share, please oh please oh please! The grand paisley medallions make a statement of ‘glamour’ {one of my personal style words of choice}.
  2. Brown and Grey: my new favorite mix of neutrals {hence my blog colors….}. Here the chandelier hangs like a pale silhouette in front of the soft taupes, creams, tans and golds. and it is lovely.
  3. A table for eight or more. Maybe I watched too much “Little House on the Prairie,” but I have always loved the idea of a huge family table. Honestly… what else is the point of a dining room if not to all be together, eating and laughing?
  4. Classy, but completely comfortable: enough room for food and elbows between guests, plus plenty of delicious cushion on the seats. This space manages to be sparse but cozy; and I cannot help but think that the perfectly stuffed chair cushions have something to do with that.
  5. Steady doses of beautiful cream accents: from the chairs that flank the sideboard, the tall cream candles, the beautiful centerpiece planter, the border around the mirror, to the ceramic statues of art on the sideboard. cream on the rug… beautiful, yes, but I would never recommend it under a dining room table; not if you want that big family dinner I was talking about.
  6. Nailhead trim; edging the top and bottom of the wallpaper, and trimming the chair fabric. What a smart and wonderful detail that leaves this room all buttoned up. I love this as a fresh and simple way to add class to your formal spaces.
  7. Never underestimate the beauty of a luscious and well-loved plant. Asparagus fern, I believe? In any case, the bright yellow-green adds life and a punch of color to this calm space.
Overall, this room is serene, and yet powerful: with the beautiful stand-out walls – that manage to be bold and calming all at once.
A beautiful example of elegant design.
I so enjoyed defining our personal styles together this week. If you missed any posts on this subject, you can scroll down to see the rest, or click here.  See you Monday!

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