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Monday, February 7, 2011 by {darlene}

Have you met the brilliant designer Garrow Kedigian?
A project that he designed was featured in House Beautiful last month, and when I saw this amazing library, it actually took my breath away. I honestly think that I love everything about it.

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

ummmm. everything.

  1. Never underestimate the power, beauty or practicality of a small space.  It brings out the warm and comfy and snuggly child in all of us. I love that the proportions of this room are modest and the conversational furniture fits in perfectly. The space is full, but it breathes, due to the open legs under the furnishings, and the narrow pedestal of the side table.
  2. must. have. those. pillows. Brown velvet greek key on white? no, really. they belong to me. Labyrinth by Clarence House is the fabric. le sigh.
  3. Playing with pattern. Cow hide. polka dot pillows. Stripes. Greek key. Modern rug pattern. herringbone…. and yet, nothing feels like it is “too much” or “clash-y” because bold patterns are balanced by smaller, repetitious patterns. Notice that even the cowhide selection shows restraint and balance.
  4. Symmetry reigns, but without matching. The opposite side-chairs are balanced, but not the same. The opposite lamps are balanced, yet not the same. The height of the bookshelves on the left are balanced by the paintings on the right. genius.
  5. once again, I love when drapes are a tick or two off in shade from the walls. either darker or lighter. The effect is just beautiful. And the small herringbone is so classy. Library perfection.
  6. I love the contrast that the dark-painted window frames have to offer. It draws immediate attention to the dramatic window, which is stunning in this space.
  7. Built-ins. You just can’t go wrong with built-ins. They are worth the effort because they can conform to your exact space needs, and they offer highly efficient storage. They also add architectural interest and beauty. This room offers both hip and ceiling height built-in bookshelves.
  8. Moulding. The walls are painted in a simple cream, which is all that is needed to accentuate the beautiful texture that the moulded walls offer.
  9. fearlessly hanging paintings right on top of the moulded walls. The textured effect is beautiful.
  10. don’t miss the free decor: bare branches with a few remaining dry leaves, hanging on. Free art if you are willing to have some drama in your space.
  11. Comfort. A place to put your feet. your drink. a warm blanket for your lap and a pillow for your back. Enough light to read a good book. This room does not exist to simply look good. This room serves your needs, and in addition, happens to be stunningly beautiful. Now, that is my kind of design. bravo.
  12. Life! Good design is to be lived in!! Fresh flowers, a drink, a snack, and a great book. If you are not enjoying your space, it is time for a re-design.

Can you see why I just love this room?


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  • Tammy@Beatrice Banks

    Love everything you love about that room! So happy to have found your beautiful blog via Melissa's. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back. Adore your sense of style!
    Have a wonderful week!

  • Jill - FNA Photography

    Love everything about this room too!!!!

    You are doing a great job Dar!

    xoxo Jill

  • Absolutely gorgeous Darlene! I agree. Love the unique ottoman. :)

  • I tore this one out for my 'files' as well! I love the balance of the masculine and feminine!

  • This is definitely a room to love!!! And the cow ottoman/coffee table? I am coveting it beyond belief!!!!

  • I have just discovered your blog and am so thankful that I have. I definitely have interior design lust but not a whiff of talent. So when you talk about a room item by item I learn so much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge for those of us who struggle with our spaces.

  • * This is a TERRIFIC posting tonight (!)~~~ I ADORE spaces like this, have yearned for one for aaaages, and ours was just recently (& "finally"!) completed, to include a stone wall & fabulous, darker b-i, floor-to-ceilng bookcases & partners desk on one wall… Couldn't get my husband to come IN to "my" study "before"… now we have our coffee and even often breakfast at the partners desk, while reading the a.m. paper & catching up on local & worldwide news… THIS particular space is HEAVEN… sooo comfy & warm n' inviting, and we're BOTH so glad we did it… Worth every penny!!!

    Again, great blog here~ so interesting to hear/read your reasons WHY you love the things you do!!!

    Best wishes,
    Linda in AZ *
    **** P.S. TO ALL DOG LOVERS~~~ Our hunting dog/("big baby"!) LOVES this PARTNERS' DESK too, with her own special bed on the floor, so she can "reach out & touch" BOTH of us at once!!!

  • Just came over from Melissa's, became a new follower!
    Love this library!!

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