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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 by {darlene}

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I am excited to be doing one of my favorite types of posts again today, the ‘ditto.’
Ditto posts are my way of analyzing photos of beautiful design, that I happen to adore, and then deciding what it is that I might copy {or ‘ditto’} from the space. Plus, the how and why.

And when I saw this heavenly sight, I just knew it called for a ditto:

{Martha Stewart}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. just the sheer fact that there is a cappuccino center. I want to steal that. I love the idea of having a little spot, solely devoted to the fine art of hot beverages. It can be in your kitchen. In a bar area. Near the door {why not in the mudroom?}. I love the thought of one in the master bath. pure luxury.
  2. the muted grey married to all the stainless. It is breathtaking. industrial. It says, “I take my coffee seriously.”
  3. The open shelving. A perfect excuse to make sure you are drinking out of something beautiful. Did I mention that drinking hot beverages is a fine art?
  4. crisp white cups, stacked like soldiers at the ready. In front of deep grey. gorgeous.
  5. I love that tea is not left out. If you are a coffee lover, it is easy to forget our more genteel friends. And we never want to forget our friends. Having a beautiful teapot for loose leaves and lingering is a joy. I would recommend checking out potters on etsy.
  6. big cup little cup. what are you in the mood for today? choices are always good. love it.
  7. ok, so most of us do not own that stunningly expensive cappuccino maker. But, even for a much more modest maker, there is no reason not to go with one that is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Stainless. My next coffeemaker will be stainless.
  8. I think what really makes this space enticing is the beauty and order of the cups. Honestly. Don’t they just invite you to partake??
Have you had your cup today?
- {darlene}
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  • allenaim photography and design

    I HAVE had my cup today :) I love the way you see things and I LOVE the idea of a capp. maker in the master bath,,,oh my….

  • I want a cappuccino maker. But I'll probably need to stick to my Mukka for awhile.

  • Upscale Downhome

    Hi! I just found your blog through the feature on Red Door Home. Love it! I am not a coffee drinker but it's pictures like the one in your post that make me wish I was. I prefer Diet Coke…maybe I could have a soda fountain because it's always better from the fountain! Looking forward to following your blog.


    Popping over from Red Door Home. I like this Ditto type of post. I'm always looking for inspiration.

  • Janell @ Isabella and Max

    Sipping on it now! Waking up slowly…just found your blog via Red Door, look forward to reading more! Janell

  • The Country Nest

    I came over from Red Door and I love your ditto post. I think it will become my ditto! You have a great blog with nice pictures and ideas.

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