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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by {darlene}
This week, I am chatting about the ways in which we can define our own personal style, in regards to the interiors of our homes.

So, I encouraged you to gather some of your favorite online and magazine images, and today I wanted to share my thought on how these images can really help you begin to define what you love.

For today’s purposes of honing in on our personal style through images, gather up a few of your most favorite pics of one particular room. We will be looking for what all of these spaces have in common:

First, be sure that these are pictures that you truly adore and you would actually love to live in.

And then ask yourself questions of commonality, such as:

  1. What furniture items and furniture placement do all of these rooms have in common?
  2. What colors or color moods do all of these rooms have in common?
  3. What do the patterns/fabrics present in the room have in common?
  4. What textures and/or finishes appear in more than one of the images?
  5. What adjectives could I use that would describe all of these pictures?

Once you have answered these questions, take note of what you discover about your common loves.

Literally, take notes.

Write down all of the recurring themes and patterns, no matter how big or small. And start zeroing in on what you truly love.

{three of my favorite dining room images:}
{design: garrow kedigian:}

{design: phoebe howard:}

{via martha stewart:}

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  • Hi Darlene!
    What are your favorite online sources for images of rooms for inspiration? Specifically, I'm looking images of small bedrooms – master, kids (boy & girl sharing one w/bunkbeds)and guest room.

  • Hi Hara! online, I love to look at House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Decor Pad for ideas. Good luck! If you need a consultation… let me know :)

  • Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME!

    Hi Darlene!
    Love this series!
    I have a whole book :0) of pictures/inspiration/stuff I love.
    (It's probably time I update it.)
    I call it my Style File.
    You are right, gathering all the photos and finding the similarities is the BEST way to zero-in on one's personal preferences and tastes!
    Been reading these posts :)

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