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Friday, March 25, 2011 by {darlene}

My grandmother Nellie was a classy lady… or a “fancy” lady as my great-grandma Anna used to say.

Throughout my life, I have found it fascinating that I have always tended to love similar things that grandma Nellie loved… even the same color combinations.

While in her bedroom, together shuffling through the goodies in her closet, I remember grandma telling me once that Navy and Coral were one of the classiest color combinations.
I never forgot.

Enjoy the beautiful combination of Navy and Coral.
I am sure you will agree that Nel was, indeed, a classy lady.


 {amanda nisbet}

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 {coco and kelly}

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 {Country Living}

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There is something energizing about this color combination. It would be a wonderful choice for a young lady’s room. Or any room, for that matter, that you would love to be filled with confidence and joy. It is also an amazing combination for clothing… it lights your day right up!

What room in your home could use the energizing and classy combination of Navy and Coral?
{thinking of you today, grandma}

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  • Jill Samter Photography

    beautiful post darlene! love the color combo together!


    I love ths combination too. Coral has long been a favorite to wear with cream and gray. Navy is now on my radar for spring :)

  • that is awesome that your grandma told you that! i love that color combo…didn't realize i did until you showed me! lol

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