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Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by {darlene}

Details can make or break a room.
One wrong detail, and yes, a space can certainly recover. But enough mis-thought details, and they can make an impact. an unfortunate impact.

Hence this post on silly ol’ curtain rods.

I am preparing to hit the stores to do some curtain rod shopping. So, before I head out, I want to be prepared to make the best choice.
In order to isolate what it is that I like about the detail of adding curtain rods to a room, I head to my collection of inspiration photos.

I thought I would share my thought process here:

{Elle Decor} Like: the fact that the rods compliment the wood trim, but are still visible.
Dislike: for me, the brass accents on the ends of the rods.

{Elle Decor} Like: that the curtain rods have substance and are not flimsy.
Like: that the rods are hung as high up as possible, but not too far from the top window frame. it works in this space.

{House Beautiful} Dislike: Personally, I do not love the white curtain rod with with rings, disappearing against the white walls. I like a more substantive look. Can I say that it ‘grounds’ the curtains when talking about curtain rods?

{Decor Pad} Like: the look of wrought iron and classic rod pockets on the curtains, which give a cozy feel.

{House Beautiful} Like: the great height achieved by hanging the rods high above the window trim.
Like: the warm,  yet dark metal against the light walls.
Like: the way the curtains don’t quite touch, {and hang so crisply}. this can be achieved by the curtain length or the curtain rod height.

When I am about to make a purchase, I always find it so helpful to look back over some of my favorite inspiration photos and dive into the details. Hopefully, I will find some good options out at the stores.

Check out your own inspiration pictures? Can you identify what it is you like and dislike about a little ol’ detail like curtain rods? I would love to know.
- {darlene}

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  • - Wendy the Photographer


    I recently had to add curtains to my rental cabin and thought about your ideas. I went against better judgement and went with "themed" finials on the rods: bears (since we were decorating a mountain cabin with tourists in mind–and tourists like "kitsch"). The first set of curtains I picked were rod pockets, they looked too pinched and tight at the top and were difficult to adjust. They also let too much light in even though they were supposed to be sun blockers. I returned them immediately.

    The next set had wide grommets at the top for super-easy adjustment, the fabric was thicker so it hung straight and kept out more light, and was twice as expensive per package as the first set, but were 100% wider so I had to purchase fewer packages. It was a huge improvement for about the same price. I got unsoliticted compliments on it immediately from the work crew at the cabin.

    Thanks for your great ideas!


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