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Monday, March 21, 2011 by {darlene}

Hoping to make improvements to your home? This ditto post is particularly helpful to those who may have to do some floor planning and need renovation inspiration. But this foyer, renovation planned or none, will possibly makes you want to add some wainscoting…

I just love this foyer, and I thought that it was worthy of a ditto. We could learn much from its use of space and design.

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. The detailed wainscoting with a lip on the upper trim. Just beautiful. Little details like this can transform a small, boring box of a room into a fascinating space.
  2. I adore the contrast between the rectangle shapes in the wainscoting versus the arcs above the doors and windows. The arcs are an expensive, custom-built feature {not to mention the added cost for arc windows and doors}, but if you can afford this feature, it truly is a stunner. Some older homes are treasures and are lucky to have features like this one.
  3. A lively yellow brightens up this entry. We often see the walls painted with a color, and the trim and wainscoting painted white. Here, that concept is reversed, and it draws attention to the amazing architectural features this foyer offers.
  4. Black doors against the yellow. They are hard to see in this photo, but black glossy doors against yellow walls is a stunning look!
  5. Wood floors in an entry are so practical. They offer a warm and soft welcome, and they are also easy to clean. It doesn’t hurt that they match the color of dirt!
  6. One of the most stunning features in this space is the “foyer within the foyer” that does so very much for this entryway:
  • It turns a simple rectangle of a room into a fascinating architectural space that is both practical and a feast for the eyes.
  • It enhances and highlights the symmetry of the room. The side windows actually stand out more, despite the fact that they recede. It is as if the breezeway frames the windows with symmetry.
  • It adds the practical element of a breezeway, which helps protect the home from both temperature changes and dirt.
  • Wish I could see inside that breezeway. It would be the perfect spot for slender-profile built-ins, or coat closets. Just perfect!
  • It creates two instant nooks. I love nooks! They are the perfect spot for daydreaming.
Do you have a foyer that you could add an internal breezeway to, or “foyer within a foyer?” Or could you employ these space savvy design concepts to another spot in your home??
I would love to know what you think of this space.
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  • Hi, Darlene just wanted to stop by and say hi and I love your Blog, and your very pretty, keep up the great work!

  • Beautiful picture! In the first house my husband and I owned, instead of painting all the woodwork white we painted it a gray/tan color. It was so pretty and unique. Loved seeing the yellow wainscotting in this photo.

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