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Monday, March 7, 2011 by {darlene}

One might dismiss this beautiful room…. thinking “wow, that space is out of my league. I will never have a bedroom that looks anything like that.” And just like that, they stop dreaming.
But even if you have a teensy-weensy bedroom {which, by the way, I LOVE teeny bedrooms. Prefer them, actually}, you could still borrow some of the wonderful design elements that are present in this space:

{house beautiful}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. Using a rug on top of your carpet. layers, layers, layers. a lot of people don’t think to layer their rugs, but it can be a great way to cozy up a space, hide an ugly spot on a carpet, define a specific area in your room, or liven up an older carpet. And, it can simply be a way to add more patterns and/or color into your space.
  2. Mirrored built-in closets. I love this choice. Mirrors look oh-so-Hollywood tucked into your closet door panels, and they add more depth and light to a room. Not to mention, mirrors also happen to be functional in the closet area. Functional Hollywood? sold.
  3. A snug and happy couch. I love that, tucked into the window nook, is an actual couch that fits perfectly inside – as opposed to a built-in. The couch, and its upholstered huggable arms, seems twice as cozy as even the most deliciously cushioned built-in bench. Wonder which came first: the couch or the nook?
  4. Yes. I am a sucker for a gorgeous wooden chair with a curved back, and the one chosen for this room is just beautiful. Love her legs and her C-curve arms.
  5. I know that chandeliers are a trend in bedroom decorating these days. But how about the all-out, grandiose foyer-sized glass chandelier as featured in this bedroom? It is a gutsy and stunning piece. Who wouldn’t enjoy waking up to see such elegance?
  6. I love the palette; Soothing neutrals and coco/mocha colors remind me to relax, unwind, and quiet my thoughts. It is a great color palette for a Master, but also perfect for a guest suite, since we want {most of} our guests to relax and unwind in our homes.
  7. I am in love with window nooks.  I have met very few window nooks that I do not adore. This has to be my favorite design element in this space. And more people have the potential to create a window nook than realize! Take a look around your home. Do you have a wall with a large window that is centered on the wall. Imagine framing it with built-ins, bookshelves, or even two identical armoires. Place a delicious place to sit, right in the middle below the window. And there you have it: A dreamy nook.
  8. Hard-wired, matching lamps above a reading area, flanking the nook. I love the symmetry and practicality of this lighting solution. Perfect for curling up with a book.
  9. A big ol’ bed. Now, I must be honest: Design-wise, I find queen beds to be more attractive and fitting for most spaces. King beds are just so… so… in your face. But phooey with all that. Nothing says comfort like a big ol’ bed. Besides, how else am I to snuggle effectively with all three boys piled into the bed at the same time? Priorities, people.
  10. Fresh flowers and Art. No room is complete without these two masterpieces.
So… a room like this could be yours! What would you ditto from this beautiful Master Bedroom?
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  • Another great space. There are a lot of details in this room which at first you don't notice. I love the mirrored closet doors and the settee.

  • A Vintage Green

    I hadn't seen mirrored doors like that before. Thanks for sharing that photo.
    - Joy

  • I love all of the neutrals…I love the window nook with the small sofa! I love the chandelier, but would miss my fan in the summer.

    The mirrored niches on the closet doors make it pretty and practical…and probably make it lighter and brighter, and to seem bigger.

    Love the little chair too. They are handy and came be moved easily.

    Nice Master Darlene!

    Linda @ truthful Tidbits

  • hey darlene!
    thanks so much for joining us last night—LOVE your blog!

  • I would ditto the chandelier and the artwork above the bed, rustic with a soft edge, beautiful!

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