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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 by {darlene}

Not quite free,
but you can easily get some “for a song.”

I love ball jars.
beauty and purity and practicality, all in one.

these sit in my kitchen windowsill. happily soaking in the sun, and
waiting for the first bundles of spring daffodils.
Bare, and in a set of three, I like to think that they are an artist’s sculpture.

Beautiful “for a song.” Ways to use Ball Jars:

  • Use them as a bare and lovely display, sitting alone or in groups.
  • Why not try ball jars in your kitchen to store grains, tea bags, or sugar? Be sure to throw in a gorgeous, galvanized scoop.
  • Stunning when filled with long, dry linguini noodles, set in a spiral.
  • Use them in your bathroom to hold fluffy cotton balls. or q-tips all in a row.
  • Collect a set of the small size for some darling juice glasses. They are the perfect size, and look amazing on your table.
  • Use them within your pantry or medicine cabinet to sort and organize.
  • Fill with tea light candles, light with a long match, and enjoy the simple beauty.
  • Perfect as vases. The little size looks delightful with a bunch of overflowing lily of the valley. The large size makes for an amazing centerpiece vase.
  • Fill with candy. I think they look amazing filled with candy corn.
  • Don’t forget about how beautiful they look when filled with homemade jellies or jams. Perfectly delightful just sitting on the countertop.

Do you decorate with ball jars?

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