hiding the uglies
Thursday, March 31, 2011 by {darlene}

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post on a subject that is so near and dear to my heart.
A decorating practice/obsession that I like to call: “Hiding the Uglies.”

This decorating concept is more of a way of living for me, but it can definitely be learned if you desire to add more organization and peace to your home.

So, what is “Hiding the Uglies?”

Well, the goal of Hiding the Uglies is to create ways in your home to only look at pretty things, and to hide ugly things.
Hide the Uglies.

My hubby picks on me for always trying to Hide The Uglies {in an endearing way, of course.} Even my contractor was convinced I would make a closet out of a hole in the floor {I would.} if I could.

I just happen to think that Hiding The Uglies brings world peace. ok, that is dramatic. but it can definitely improve Household Peace.

If I tried to show you all of the ways that I Hide The Uglies in my home, this would be a very long post. So, here is just a little sampling:

Hide your office in a closet {in progress!}:
Layer “Hiding The Uglies” by hiding your office stuff in cute baskets that match:

Hide a “playroom” and media room in a closet and a window seat:
Hide diapers and wipes beneath the bar, of course:
Hide the family plethora of {overflowing} paperwork in attractive boxes in the windowsill:
Hide piles of bedtime reading, handcream, lipbalm, and other bedside essentials, behind the headboard:

…and this is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends, to my “hiding the uglies” obsession. you will be hearing more from me about this, no doubt.

Life takes stuff… but if that stuff happens to be ugly, then you should hide it :)
Once you start, you can’t stop.

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  • I'm so with you on this concept. I've been doing this forever, much to the dismay of my husband, who is more practical. And you hide things beautifully.

    But I have one question for you. Does your bar double as a changing table? :)

  • yes, ma'am!! Well, I never actually changed a diaper on the BAR! we are officially all potty trained here now, but before that I did keep a changing pad under the couch (hide that ugly!) and all our changing supplies under the bar. Irony!

  • A Vintage Green

    Well put – I would like to be there but I'm not – I have started the baskets for toys, lined up under dressers (that helped a lot)- can't see the hundreds of little pieces now.
    - Joy

  • *** I KNOW what yer talkin' 'bout! M*Y BIGGGGGEST HANG-UP is seeing ELECTRICAL CORDS (annnnd, OBVIOUS outlets on a kitchen's backsplash too!)… (They drive me NUTS, so I try to DRIVE THEM OUT OF MY SIGHT as BEST I CAN!!!)…

    Have been visiting you for a while now, and I always enjoy your blog~~~ so, I.O.U an "overdue" THANK YOU!

    Linda in AZ *

  • Darlene,
    I had to laugh at this post because I too like to look at a clean space and just see the pretty. I laughed because of what you call it…"hiding the uglies." too funny. I do like your ideas though. Especially the one about the reading material behind the headboard.

  • Beth@The Stories of A2Z

    Love it ;)!

  • Si quedan huecos recovecos difíciles de rellenar
    puede usarse un mondadientes para empujar el glaseado hasta los espacios vacíos.

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