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Friday, March 18, 2011 by {darlene}

Sometimes, one needs a kick in the pants.
We are getting so close to pulling our boys’ room together, but I am finding that I am in avoidance stage right now. Does this happen to anyone else??
Motivation comes. Great ideas come. Great plans ensue. and Great finds are had.
and then, just like that…
I somehow allow myself to get distracted from my project. life happens.

Of course, in a home like mine, with 2 small boys and a lot of maintenance issues that crop up {have I mentioned recently that Fieldstone Hill is about 180 years old with several mowable acres, a well, steam heat, a septic and water filters galore?}, there is much to be offered in the way of distractions.

But I know that all is not lost! I need to get back to my original vision. AND. I also need some fresh inspiration.

So, I had some fun last night and I played around looking for beautiful spaces that would keep me moving forward with our boys’ room. {despite the fact that I am currently mattress shopping………… ugh.}
Here are a few of the gorgeous pics I found that are spurring me on toward the finish line; and my thoughts about them:

I have had a hard copy of this room in my files for a while. I love the vintage circus-inspired prints, and the light blue/navy blue combination. I also love the plaid bedskirt. {ElleDecor}

Again, a room that I have had in my files for a while. Just perfect for inspiration. I adore the circus feel… it fosters child-like imagination. Those window treatments are amazing. {Elle Decor}

Janell. You are sweet and brilliant! If you have not seen this room from Isabella and Max, or met Janell, you will not be disappointed. Navy, lime-ade, and nautical maps. What more could a boy want? {Isabella and Max}

Thinking about this rug for their room… {Dash and Albert}

To paint them or not to paint them? It depends on the day that you ask me. The beds I found are so gorgeous as is… but I love the look of navy painted beds. {Ashley Putnam via Decor Pad}

Gorgeous inspiration, no?
I know my motivation will return when I am done with silly ol’ mattress shopping.

How do you get back in the game when you are feeling yourself losing motivation in your home?

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  • I, too, LOVE navy beds. I'm very much considering painting all of the furniture in my son's room navy blue. Someday. Not this year. :-)

    There is nothing to kick you in the pants like researching beautiful rooms, playing on Houzz, reading inspirational blogs, watching HGTV, and helping others with their spaces. I have started instituting a policy for myself: I won't do X for someone else's design until I do Y for myself. It has really helped to keep me going!

  • Traci@ Beneath My Heart

    Love those pictures! I need inspiration too. I am about to tackle my boys' room soon. Don't quite know where to start. I'll be looking to you for some inspiration! :)

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