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Thursday, March 24, 2011 by {darlene}
{This post is a repost from my family blog. I wanted to share it with you, since I have hopes of replacing my bathroom light soon. You just had to see the “before.”}

I have a boob light.

Actually, we have 2. One in our bathroom {the lovely specimen, seen above}, and one in our hallway.

Hubs and I have been calling these things “boob lights” for years.
Well… they are! sorry.
and they are sorry, sorry excuses for illumination. Mine are on their way out.
How about this one, from Ballard Designs, instead?:

or, I’m thinking more this {Schoolhouse Electric}

or this {Ballard Designs}

or even this in the hallway, strung tightly to the ceiling {Ballard Designs}

Anyone else have a boob light?? fess up.
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  • I am proud to say I don't have one of these beauties in my home. However, I am the proud owner of a shiny brass fan which needs to go!

  • I have a house full of boob lights! lol I can't stand them and we are replacing them a few at a time with recessed lighting which will give us much more light. Oh and they are all brass to boot. Ick.

  • I have them and, sadly, I put them there. They beat the heck out of the weird 80's lantern things that were up (and for only $15), but I sure don't love them!

  • Hahaha! I thought I was the only one that called them boob lights! My husband and I joke about it every time we need to buy a new light fixture…love it!

  • We got rid if them in the old house to only move to the "new" house that has too many to even want to count! Liking your options!

  • Heather!
    Oh! how I hope I did not offend :)
    fortunately, lighting designers are finally starting to branch away from the boob… and onto less obtrusive shapes. hehehe.
    thank you so much for your comment at fieldstone hill!

    live with beauty,

  • I can't stand a boob light either! I have used both of the lights you pictured from Ballards in several projects. I like them a lot, but, they don't give off a tremendous amount of light. As long as that's not a factor then I highly recommend!

  • i'm staring at one of those as i type. we have two, the last two light fixtures we haven't replaced in this house. they are tucked in small hallways but drive me crazy none the less! still searching for the best solution. i like your ideas. i've looked at the school house electric ones before. i keep going back to them but can't seem to commit! :)

    hope you are having a great weekend!

  • Richmond Thrifter

    HA! My sister used to have a light in her family room we referred to as that!!! Your post gave me a good chuckle!

  • I have that EXACT light in my hallway and like Heather, I replaced a light I had with this one. Only when we installed it did I stand back and say, "You know…that looks JUST like a boob!" LOL. It suits it purpose and they are relatively cheap at Lowes. Believe it or not it WAS an improvement over the contractor grade lights that were in our house when we moved in!

  • I'm Busy Procrastinating

    My mom moved into a condo recently and wanted to replace the lighting in the living and dining rooms. I tried to steer her to drum pendants, but she's much too traditional. She likes bowl shades, AKA boob lights! I had seen your post before the move and that's all I could think of. When my husband was assembling the pendant for her, I called the bottom piece a nipple and all the guys in the room laughed. I told them it's a technical term. ;)

  • I’ve tried to find the moravian star fixture with no luck to replace one of my boob lights. I don’t see it at Schoolhouse or at Ballard.

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