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Thursday, March 3, 2011 by {darlene}

I think that dish-ware is a fantastic area of your home in which to great creative and artistic. In our home, our daily dish-ware is hand thrown pottery. When we were married and had the opportunity to register for china or daily dishware, we opted out, and instead purchased beautiful pottery from a friend.

Pottery is a beautiful way to bring functional, purposeful works of art into your every day. It is a way to add an extra dose of enjoyment and beauty to a regular ritual.

Drinking a hot cup of delicious coffee or tea from this mug…..

knowing that it was made by an artist and, more importantly, a friend, is a joy for me.

And since you know how I love etsy.com, I had to hop over to see what kinds of beautiful, handmade mug offerings they had. My visit did not disappoint:

 {AbbyTPottery} I love that these are called “huggable” mugs, don’t you?

 {KaransPotsAndGlass} I love the shape of this slender mug with a long, skinny opening to fit four fingers through. My favorite way to sip.

 {MoorefieldPottery} with an elegant curve, no?

{NstarStudio} simply darling. The shape and color of these beauties remind me of ancient relics.

{amandagentry} smooth, classy, celedon, and detailed

{scarecrow3331} I love how earthy these are.

{TheMudPlace} If your morning can’t be peaceful, why not your mug?

Oh! and if you are a fan of your hot-cup-of-something in the morning, you might enjoy this ditto post about creating a coffee bar.

Do you drink from a special mug in the morning?

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  • Those are great! My little village nursery has a pottery fair each year (the owner makes a lot of the stuff) and I can get some great stuff for great prices. No mugs yet though. I drink my coffee from an Alice in Wonderland mug my mom gave me because I like to start the day with a little whimsy.

  • Yes, I do have my favorite mugs. And I love pottery. I have a few pieces..but not a lot. These pix were fun.

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
    Have you joined in the Spring Blog Party over at Lynnette's? We are having fun…and there are nearly 500.00 in giveaway prizes. (wink)

  • Amen to pottery! What beautiful pieces. Right now my favorite "mug" is a ceramic tumbler with a locking lid. I was having too many coffee spills with an open cup :)

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