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Thursday, March 10, 2011 by {darlene}

O.k. blogland friends.
Today, comments are open to anonymous users {nice anonymous people only. no one likes mean people, haven’t you heard??}. Please comment today!

I am working on a redesign for the look of Fieldstone Hill Design’s blog {this very thang that you are looking at, folks :)}. I am going to streamline my look, and work on a design that I can live with… you know, day in and day out. Not to mention, a look that I will LOVE!

So, I am working on my vision,
 and I was wondering…

{that is me. wondering.}

What words would YOU use to describe the STYLE of Fieldstone Hill?
as many words as you think applies.
Can you please add a comment below, and share your first thoughts with me?

for those of you who are new to my blog, and would like to comment but need more info., check out these links first {then come back and comment, please oh please!}:
To get an idea about interiors I love, check out my ditto posts.
To get an idea about what I think about my style, check out this post.
To see what colors I love, check out these posts.

So, what words would YOU use to describe the style here at Fieldstone Hill????
You can’t imagine how helpful this would be to me, friends!
Thank you!!

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  • Um, Ok, I'll go first! When I read your question the first words I thought of were, sophisticated, elegant, simple, budget-conscious. Then when I went to read what style you think you have, I was pretty spot on!

  • Darlene, I am surprised that you are making any changes. Your blog looks superb right now. I love your header, both the colors and the photos you are using. Your unique personality and style certainly shine through. However, you need to LOVE it. So I look forward to any improvements you make.

  • allenaim photography and design

    classy….classy classy classy…

    peaceful and quiet, but vibrant…

    restrained and careful, but full of life and beauty…

  • After reading your post, the first thing that comes to mind is "English". I think sophisticated, a little bit rustic, with a feminine edge. I am talking layout only here. I love the content and I love the ditto posts. I check this blog daily. :)

  • Thanks everyone! And thanks Libby! I also love this blog design. I just need a little help making it more professional (I did this one mostly myself) and so I can get business cards to coordinate and buttons galore to match. Wish I could do it myself.

  • Janell @ Isabella and Max

    Love the picture of you thinking!! Ha, very cute. I looked at your post links, I think the words simplicity and sophisticated as well as the post on the colors you love tell me you will probably be happiest if you simply the background design on your blog and replace the earthy tones with a bit of color and whites (based on the master post).

    Looking forward to seeing what you do!!! Janell

  • The first words which come to mind are classic, elegant, light, timeless, honest, authentic, creative, and inviting. I also sense from some of the pictures you feature you also like to have a very small bit of whimsy and/or modern thrown in to keep things from being too predictable.

  • elegant with a flair of southern sophistication:))

  • classic simplicity…

  • Beth at southernfriedliving

    Simplicity, cottage-y, timeless and classic are words I would use to describe your home decor style but when I see you "wondering" I think your look is more elegant. Does that help???
    Hey, btw, thanks for being a follower on my blog!!! I'm in the double digits now!!!

  • I am a brand, spanking new follower, but what drew me to add Fieldstone Hill to my growing list of bloggers to follow was your ditto series. I can look at dozens of great-looking interiors, but can't tell you why they appeal to me. Your detailed analysis, not only makes sense to me, but it's highly
    entertaining. Best of luck as you revamp the blog (although I love it just like it is!)

  • the word that comes to mind for me is classic. Great look!

  • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

    I bet if you updated your background (which is pretty, though) you'd feel like you had a whole new look that would be perfect for you! Classy but still streamlined and traditional?

  • Sophisticated comfort.
    Elegant simplicity.
    I love your blog. Very inspirational.

  • I LOVE your header just as it is. But I know the feeling of something not being quite "you".

    I'd describe your blog as organized and smart and simple.

    Good luck!

  • I would sum it up as "refined". I like everything as is, but understand the urge to tweak!

  • Darlene, I'm surprised you want to redesign–I love your 'look'! But, it needs to feel perfect to you. I would say that you are extremely insightful and detail oriented, classic and elegant. Good luck on revamping!!

  • Darlene,

    I agree with everyone else – classy and sophisticated… but I also think there's a little bit of rebel in you that should be reflected in your blog design… Just my thoughts. I do love it the way it is though.

  • Dar,

    I would classify your style as comfortable elegance. Clean, classy, and refined. With just a hint of retro (I am thinking of your grandmother's couch when I say this;) Good luck with the redesign.

    Aunt Bethany

  • Establish your goal and then find a means to an end or result. Reiterate it for newbees like me. THX Papasan

  • Hey! I too love the content and the "ditto" is always a fun read. As far as the look of the site – Janell seems to of said everything I was thinking. The page is just a little busy and I would simplify that and maybe have one signature color and a certain font/logo that will translate well to business cards, etc. It looks great as it is but can't wait to see what you have planned! – Boo

  • Hi Darlene,
    you are so right on and so cool and sooooo beautiful and sooooo cool and did I mention cool…I love your style and your ideas,,,don't change a thing…
    all my best, kelly o so d

  • I think of your blog as classy, eclectic, sophisticated, professional, everything I like. I agree with all the above. Even little changes make a big difference, altho its beautiful like it is!

  • classic

  • angela | the painted house

    As beautiful Darlene sat pensive–yet still in calm repose–she determined, "The only positiviely perfect design for my blog is forest green with just the slightest touch of burgandy–I'll be one classy lassy."

    (It will be beautiful no matter what you choose!)

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