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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 by {darlene}

I just recently finished a Vision Design Board for a client who purchased “The Complete Makeover” Consultation, and I am eager to share it with you.

Her challenge was to transform a tiny, crowded, outdated room into a multi-functional space that hosts guests, hosts her husband’s exercise routine, and also, is his dressing room {I call it a dressing room. He probably does not!}.

Although we don’t have a true “Before” picture, the space began painted in light blue with a darker blue rug, and it had very darkly stained trim and closet doors. After refinishing her floors, painting the trim in white, and painting the walls with a color that we worked on together, her space looked like this {Oh, the sweet joy of Potential!}:

Next, I worked with my client to learn the needs of her space, and to get a feel for her style and her loves, I created this Vision Design Board for her space:

With this floor plan sketch:

My client received a numbered key version of the Design Board, that tells her where I found all of the items featured in this room.

The Consultation also came with a write-up on all of the sources, as well as a large variety of design tips, alternative element suggestions, and suggestions on how to save money {without compromising beauty}.

I hope you enjoy envisioning the unfolding transformation as much as I do!

My client is eagerly gathering the elements for her room, and I hope to be able to share some “After” pictures with you someday! Goodness knows, we can’t wait to see the “After.” That is always the best part!

Do you have a space that challenges you, or needs a makeover? That is my joy! Visit my Design Page for more info, and add your space to my list of projects! {for a teensy-weensy bit longer, my prices are still at a reduced rate}

I would love to know your thoughts on this Vision Design Board! Thank you all, for supporting and encouraging me in my dream of Fieldstone Hill Design.
A girl’s gotta dream, right??
- {darlene}

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  • Looking forward to seeing the completed after pictures! Love the choices you have made.

  • Janell @ Isabella and Max

    Love the side table and the soothing colors, how smart to include suggestions on how to save money without compromising beauty! It is what everyone is looking for. All the best with your design venture as well, you'll be very successful I'm sure! Thanks for the shout out as well, working on House of Fifty has been a lot of fun!

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