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Monday, April 25, 2011 by {darlene}

I missed all of you! Did you get a chance to peruse some of my favorite posts? If not, you can click here to get the links.
My family and I enjoyed a joyous Easter; and my blog vacation was much needed. As always, breaks are good for creativity:  I am chock full of decorating ideas that I am eager to share, and I will be spilling them out. So, stay tuned :)

What is better for getting back into the swing of things than a Monday ditto?

I just love this room {featured by Martha Stewart Living}. It has so many creative twists, and turns. Most of all, this room says “Spring” to me!

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. Those amazing, framed tapestries, {or gilded wood paintings?}. First of all, I just ADORE their golden glow. They shine, without having an ounce of ‘tacky’ in the gold. And their gilded frames add to the luminous quality. One of them would be beautiful, but three are just stunning. 
  2. The color palatte. What an amazing color combination: A pale peach-pink, lemon yellow, gold, and cornflower blue. All set against soft burlap-colored neutrals and white.
  3. Traditions with a twist: Why not paint a side table, fashioned with traditional form, in a stunning, matte, cornflower blue? Or top a white-urn table lamp in a gorgeous drum lamp shade, in the palest of peachy-pink? And urns on the table have always been a lovely thought – but why not have lemon yellow, cheery urns? How about covering a French Provincial chair in light yellow velvet?
  4. Stunning, color echoing, flowers. This amazing bouquet of cut tulips echo the color scheme of the room. Have you ever thought about buying your flowers to draw attention to the color of your accent pillows, or your lamps? A simple gesture, but unbelievably beautiful. Everything in this color scheme is tied together by this dramatic display of natural Beauty.
  5. Trays! Trays are beautiful and wonderful ways to add unity to any decorative items you might be displaying. Trays add a layering effect to the room in an effortless and useful way. Here the trays beautifully organize urns and books.
  6. A down-filled, inviting, and enveloping sofa; all dressed up in neutral linen. Don’t you just want to plunk down on this lovely piece of furniture, and relax? I love down filled sofa cushions. There is nothing more elegant and enveloping.
  7. Yellow and Gold. Two tones, not quite the same… more complimentary than anything. Yet, dashingly lovely when used together. I think I will have to explore this color combo some more!
  8. A full, but not cluttered, coffee table. This coffee table has many objects atop its surface. Yet, it still manages to maintain a streamlined look. The trick to achieving this lies in the fact that all of the large surface-area items {the books and the tray} are in a white that is a nearly-matching color to the coffee table. They ‘disappear’ into the surface of the table, yet succeed in adding interest and texture to the coffee table. The glass of the large vase has the same effect. It is a wonderful way to display beautiful items on your coffee table, without getting that cluttered and messy look.
What would you ditto from this beautiful space?
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  • I can't really tell from the angle of the photo, but is the ceiling painted a different color than the walls? I have four rooms in my house that I have done this and I LOVE it!

  • I think so!! We have done the same thing, and it is a GREAT way to add interest and depth to a space!

  • That gorgeous blue table really makes the room, I think!

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