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Thursday, April 14, 2011 by {darlene}

You all know how I just love to Hide the Uglies.

Now, this hiding-the-uglies post does not apply to everyone,
but surely you have a friend or a loved-one who has bath toys overtaking her once-lovely bathroom? You can use this post as a tool for a gentle intervention.

or, If YOU have a bathroom that was once-lovely, but is now home to many, many, overflowing bath toys,
I am here today to tell you:

the time has come to hide them.

this is how we hide our bath toys at Fieldstone Hill:

{in the picture above, you can see a plastic green bin peeking out from behind the tub. normally, you cannot even see it at all .}

{in the picture to the left, you can see how we Hide our bath Uglies. this works out just great for us, and we never have to look at a pile of plastic bath toys.}

there are many other ways that you can Hide the bath Uglies:
*place all the toys in a cute bucket that can be hidden away under the sink. hidden!
*get a drawstring, mesh bag and toss it in the bottom of your linen closet. hidden!
*put them in a plastic basket that tucks right between your toilet and a wall. hidden!

two more thoughts on Hiding your bath Uglies:
*those primary-colored, mesh bags that hang on the wall of your shower/bath combo do not count as hiding the uglies. instead, they highlight the uglies and well, they are not really hidden.
*make sure there is a way for those critters to dry off.
*and, be sure to weed through those toys on a regular basis. boy, do they get nasty quite quickly.

How do you Hide your bath Uglies? or… will you hide them now that you are equipped with a few ideas?

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  • janet @ ordinary mom

    We actually have two lidded baskets in our master bathroom hiding the bath toys in plain sight. They are actually small hampers but I cut down a couple of square waste baskets to fit perfectly inside to make them waterproof. Perfect for bath toys and a great way to hide the "uglies". :)

  • We hide our bath toys in a large basket, which is perched upon a vintage stool. I sometimes get jealous of my friends, who don't have much concern for home decor, and have a bathroom entirely devoted to their kids, with toys everywhere, kid themed decals on the walls, bright paint. I just.can't.do.it. Our 'kids' bathroom, is also used by guests, so I am determined to keep it kid-themed-free!

  • maybe I'm a mean mama. I used to have bath toys galore. Then I figured out that I was getting as much of a bath as my kids. Now, each kid has a duck that squirts. The ducks, which get emptied after bath, sit on the soap tray we don't use. Out bigger challenge is keeping the step stools out from under foot, but I think we have that puzzle solved too thanks to creative geometry!

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