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Friday, April 15, 2011 by {darlene}
For those of you who have been visiting Fieldstone Hill for a bit, you have probably figured out that I am not a huge fan of Faux {fake stuff}.
I think an area where Faux choices are often over-abused is on our walls. Faux prints of art, and faux wall paintings that mimic real life materials {faux marble for example}. I think that we make the choice of faux because we think we cannot afford the real thing.
But there is art all around us! Real art!!
If we are creative, we can use the real objects that surround us, and make our own art. And the perk is this: typically, if we open our eyes to this idea, these beautiful works of art are already in our possession… even stuffed into our closets.
One great example is the use of hats as art.
a bit witty, a bit earthy, and a bit big-and-bad American country,
hats certainly add creativity and character to a space.
Enjoy these rooms that make an art out of owning some hats:
{via apartment therapy}

{sarah richardson}

 {tom sheerer via purestylehome}


 {via graciewear}

{country living}

the first and fourth photos are my favorites. I just love the creative arrangements shown in their hat art.

how about you? would you use hats as art? do you use other “real” objects as out-of-context art?

Have a great, hat happy weekend!

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