ditto :: the chairs that I most want to steal {and a gorgeous dining room}
Monday, May 2, 2011 by {darlene}
My friend Stacy, over at Red Door Home, has an amazing skill for creating beautiful simplicity. I know you will be inspired by her Better Homes and Gardens-featured home.
and Stacy, who also happens to be a dear, has been subjected to my coveting-cries since the moment she posted these beauties on her website {I could faint over their gutsy gorgeousness}:

look at how amazing her dining room looks, featuring these stunning chairs:

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}
  1. ahem. Those orange chairs. And I really do mean that I would steal them. Folks, if you ever find chairs this wonderful…in blessed orange velvet… just say yes. And snag them while you can.
  2. orange and gray. a stunning combination. then add the fact that this room features orange velvet, and silver-gray silk curtains. Texture and color Joy. Velvet and silk are always stunning together.
  3. I love those curtains. Silk, gray curtains happen to be at the top of my favorites for a window decorating choice.
  4. Mixing of patterns. I love the successful confidence of well-mixed patterns. Check out the Ikat on the end chairs, the chevron on the rug, and the dainty geometrics on the side chairs.
  5. Mixing of furniture styles and finishes. I really want to call those fantastic chairs “Rococo-esque.” They are daringly mixed with traditional, mahogohany dining chairs, and also with the white, casually lovely chairs. Airy, classy, and fun, all surrounding the same table.
  6. Baskets under formal buffets. I have always loved how this looks. Try it under your formal buffet. A small dose of informal, that lightens up a dining space. And not a bad place to keep a few, favorite, fabric napkins.
  7. Symmetry.  This room takes full advantage of the beauty of symmetry. The orange chairs, the lamps on the buffet, the candles, the art, the dining chair arrangement.
  8. Strong architectural elements. A very fun column on the dining table. The chunky white clock on the wall has such presence. And a beautiful, strong sunburst mirror adds further architectural interest.
  9. creatively hung art work. I really love how Stacy placed her orange chairs beneath two sunny windows, and in between, she added gold-framed art for an extra layer of beauty. The height of the pictures are a bit unconventional, which make them so much more interesting. Their symmetry grounds them, and their location on the walls keeps your interest.
I hope you will visit Stacy, and enjoy her beautiful home.
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