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Friday, May 27, 2011 by {darlene}

Hi everyone! Happy Friday.

whew! what a week it has been.
First of all, did you guys {I really wanted to say “y’all” there} see the wonderful words that my friend and client Edie wrote about me? Truly, she is a sweet heart. And SO much fun. Loves you, edie!!!!!

Secondly, I have had to close my wait-list for an eensie-weensie time. My current wait is 45 weeks {tops}, and I did not feel right about accepting new clients for the moment. I am aiming for just a month’s break. SO, if you were just about to snatch up a design, please be patient with me. It won’t be long! I will be working my little tail off. And click here to add your name to email updates!
I am so excited to work with my upcoming clients and give them the Design of their dreams!

Speaking of Design Boards! I am working on an AMAZING living room design that I cannot wait to share with you, so stay tuned….

And now, for a pretty little picture:

This photo, from Elle Decor, is actually scanned in from my hard-paper file folder {hence the title of this post}. I wanted to make an effort to digitize some of my favorite paper inspiration… and I knew that meant I could share them with you! Yipeeee.

This picture is choc full of wonderful inspiration. Here is a quick list of my favorite things about this space, and why I saved it for my files:

My favorite things:
1. are you kidding me? That floor!! Gutsy pays off.
2. A center table in a foyer.
3. Orange velvet is always the right choice.
4. Those Gorgeous sconces all around the room
5. The chinoiserie chairs of beauty.
6. The grass cloth.

Soooo. What do you think of this amazing space?
Have a great weekend, and be sure to go say “Hi” to Edie!
See you on ditto Monday. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!
- {darlene}

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  • The floor is amazing but my favorite feature is the table in the center of the hall. I have always said when i build me next house it will have a foyer/entrance big enough for a table in the center.

  • allenaim photography and design

    You're awesome Darlene…4 WEEKS!! :)

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