a Mother’s Day gift to all {closed}
Monday, May 9, 2011 by {darlene}
{lily of the valley; from Fieldstone Hill’s gardens}

My regular Monday ditto post will happen tomorrow… I just had to take today as an opportunity to give everyone a little gift in honor of Mother’s Day, and in honor of all the amazing mothers out there who are tending hearts and tending homes.

So, for everyone, this week I am offering my Single-Question Design Service for FREE! Here is a description of the service:

The Single-question Design Advice
I will give you my guidance/advice/opinion on a single design question. This will be based on your photograph and your detailed question.  For example: This option is useful in picking room colors, discovering pillows to revitalize a couch, or finding a piece of furniture for a problem spot. Accessible resources will be included.
{normally, Single-question Design Advice is offered for a fee of  $20 per question.}

But not this week! This week it is free!!

If you have a burning design question, and would like to take advantage of this gift, please send me an email at fieldstonehill@gmail.com,

  1. this business week {before May 14, 2011}
  2. with the Subject heading of “Mothers are wonderful,” and
  3. include your question, and any necessary pictures or measurements in the email.
No strings attached. A gift from Fieldstone Hill Design to you! And you don’t have to be a mom to accept this gift; so enjoy.
Please be patient with me as I attempt to respond to your emails. {My first job is being Mommy, after all.}
As always, thank you for all of your support as I build up this wonderful dream of mine that I call Fieldstone Hill Design. If you would like to say “thank you” back, it would be an encouragement to me if you would Follow along {in the right sidebar}, ‘Like’ Fieldstone Hill Design on Facebook, subscribe to email updates {see right sidebar}, and especially if you could help me spread the word by placing one of my buttons on your blog.
You all are the best.
Back tomorrow with design advice, inspiration, and guidance as always!
- {darlene}
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  • what a wonderful gift and idea!
    bless you lovely friend,

  • yea…this will appear on my blog some time this week:) i'm thinking thinking. i was just driving home from preschool this morning and realizing that i have redecorating paralysis. i seriously do. i have no idea where to start because it is opposite of what i have now. hmmm…i'm thinking a free lunch will be provided for friendly consultation:))))

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