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Thursday, May 19, 2011 by {darlene}

A good, old-fashioned, fluffy down sofa.
I am a sucker for down sofas.  There is nothing more sophisticated for your sofa. or scrumptious.

don’t you just want to go barreling, headlong, and jump onto that fluffy sofa {more on that later}?

Here is some of the down in my home:
 Our livingroom sofa:

When we had this fantastic, 1970’s couch re-upholstered and re-worked, I had the back cushion-cases made, but left empty.

Then, to get the down at a fraction of the re-upholsterer’s price, I bought down pillows {king size} from a chain store, and stuffed them into these cases.

 Now for more fluffy, down, sofa goodness… With a story.

These couches belonged to my grandmother.
When I was a little girl, I would play a game with my sisters.

You see, grandma’s down pillows were always perfectly fluffed. Which is very enticing to young bottoms.
So, we would take a running start…
and, of course, dive right into the sofas.

then. get up very quickly to see if our little butt prints were still in the down.
anyone else do this???

now my boys love to play and play on these wonderful beauties.

{slipcovers: vintage grandma Nellie}

Even if you are allergic, the joy of down can be yours with so many fantastic synthetics on the market.
Oh, and one more thing about my obsession with down.
If you try to get between me and my down pillow, you are liable to get injured.
Do you love down?
- {darlene}

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  • I love down too! I love those slipcovered beauties! Those are so unique.

  • angela | the painted house

    I love Grammie's sofa! You little booty-imprint-maker!

    And how clever to stuff your sofa cases with king pillows!

  • Are you selling any of the sofa’s??? I Live in Olympia, SC, and you…i’m new here from calif. no car yet, looking for furniture which is unique ad fun.

    760 6455772

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