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Friday, May 20, 2011 by {darlene}

I am already hooked.

I signed up for an account yesterday, and I am loving how this gives me a way to organize all the crazy images floating around on my computer and in my head!

I think the reason why I love Pinterest so EXTRA much is that it is a great way to not only save your inspiration, but also to share inspiration. I have already found so many wonderful pictures. and they never get lost into cyber-oblivion.

So, do you Pinterest?? I sort of don’t know what I am doing yet.
Nevertheless, that does not stop me from inviting you!!!!
Come and find me at

and since I can’t write a post without including a picture of a fabulous room, check out this beauty that I found on…
wait for it…..

via the lovely miss Edie, and her Pins.

Gorgeous and dramatic. Right up my ally.
I am so in love with this living room that I don’t know where to begin……

and THAT is what happens when you start Pinteresting, my friends.

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