Tuesday, June 21, 2011 by {darlene}
drumroll please…….
the winner of one of the beautiful house number signs from Ramsign is:
Congratulations!!! I will contact you shortly.
Thank you to everyone who participated in my June Giveaway. And thank you for those of you who have followed along and become regular readers of this here blog. You all are the best! And you helping this here dream of Fieldstone Hill Design come true!
***Now for the BIG news!***
My Design Services wait list will be reopening on Friday, to a limited number of clients.
***So if you have been dreaming of creating a vision for your own space, contact me at, and I will add you to an email list that will go out at the last minute to remind you to get your sweet little ol’ name on my list! I do wish that I could get all of you on my list, but I only feel comfortable accepting advanced payment for a few at this time.***
Oh I have so much to tell you! First of all, I have finished my Design Board for Edie’s Workroom, and we are both in love! Click here to hop over to her blog and read more about the design process:
{Edie, once again, I cannot thank you enough for your sweet words and your recommendation of my services. You are precious to me!}
Also, tomorrow or thursday I will be sharing about my great day of interiors photography lessons with sweet Amy, who is just amazing. But you really must hop over to her photography blog to learn a thing or two about taking great pictures, and the darlin’ post she did about Fieldstone Hill. Oh, and you would just love her Nest for All Seasons blog. Tell her I said hello :)
Look! Here I am lookin’ all pro.
{Thank you Amy! You are an amazing, talented woman. I learned so much, and with ease, in one afternoon!}
What do you think? Wouldn’t you love Amy to do a guest post over here giving us, in Layman’s Terms {!!!!} a few quick and immediate tips for how to take better interiors photographs??
So, goody gumdrops! back to business.
On Friday you can sign up for Design Services by heading to my Services Page. There will be a Paypal scroll down bar where you can make your payment. If you do not see the Paypal bar, it means that the wait- list has closed again.
mark your calendars!
live with beauty!
- {darlene}

And thank you to everyone who is cheering me on in my dream of Fieldstone Hill Design. Love Fieldstone Hill? thanks. you rock. Would you consider sharing the love by Following {click Follow in the right sidebar}, Liking on Facebook, Following on Pinterest, or linking here from your blog. I just knew you were awesome!

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  • I am so thrilled to have won! Thank you! Love workroom design board – looks like a great place to be inspired.

  • allenaim photography and design

    lookin all pro :) hee-hee

    That design board is FABULOUS! Love the fabric on the pinboard…(I think that is what it is?)

  • allenaim photography and design

    and btw…not only are you looking all pro, but also looking all gorgeous and model – esque…you left that part out…

  • allenaim photography and design

    …and for comment #3 today… here is the site I was telling you about…fieldstone hill is featured today in the second row :) You can submit all your gorgeous interiors to be featured…up to 2 every other day or so. They set a cap at 2 at a time, but once those have been published, then you can submit more. I've done a few dwelling gawker ones, but most of mine are craftgawker or food gawker. You end up with a gallery like this: so people that like your stuff can find more…

  • angela | the painted house

    Another fabulous room for Edie! I know you two are having fun putting these rooms together and weaving a new story for her new home. :)

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